Academic Credentials

  • B.A., St. Peter's College, New Jersey
  • M.A., St. John's University, New York City
  • Ph.D., University of Ottawa, Canada

Special Study

  • State University of Iowa School of Religion
  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, George Lieb Harrison    Postdoctoral Fellow in Ecumenism and Biblical Theology.

Academic Experience

  • Daemon College, Buffalo, New York, Chair of Religious Studies
  • University of Windsor, Ontario, Instructor in World Religions
  • University of Dayton, Graduate and Undergraduate Instructor in Religious Studies
  • University of Montreal, Graduate course on Doctoral Dissertation
  • St. Edmund's Seminary, St. Michael's College, Burlington, Vermont., Instructor in Old Testament  and World Religions
  • Loyola College, Montreal, P. Quebec, Instructor in Theology
  • Fordham University, New York City, Instructor in Theology

Pastoral Experience

  • Pastoral duties include four pastorates and Religious Education in churches in Western New York, Central New York, and Northeastern Pennsylvania

I agree completely with a congregational member who said recently,  "The future of the Church will not be in the halls of academia, cloister, or church board.  The future of the Church will be  in congregations, ecumenical gatherings, and local communities. It is there that the struggle for the Spirit of the historical Jesus must take place."  Therefore, it is imperative that a new biblical spirituality, built upon an updating of our knowledge of  the historical Jesus and  his relationship to the entire scriptures, take place with the people in the pews today.  Hopefully this  will grow from new study and meditation into application in the scientific and technological age of the new millennium.