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Lillian Larsen

Institutional Affiliation

Professor of Religious Studies

University of Redlands



Lillian I. Larsen serves as Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Redlands in Southern California. With formal training as a scholar of the New Testament and Christian Origins (Columbia University/Union Theological Seminary), her research focuses on the emergence of a Christian curriculum within monastic classroom settings. Larsen’s substantive corpus of scholarly publication is distinguished by adept application of New Testament/biblical criticism to late ancient/monastic source material. Her recently published anthology, Monastic Education in Late Antiquity (Cambridge 2018), and a complementary monograph (nearing completion), rewrite a ‘missing chapter’ in both the history of education, and the history of Christianity. As co-chair (with Nina Livesey and Jason BeDuhn) of Westar’s Christianity Seminar – Phase II, Larsen brings expertise in bible, emergent monasticism and classroom pedagogy. In both teaching and research, her work contextualizes the functionality of biblical texts.

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Co-chair of Westar’s Christianity Seminar

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