Bible Search & Rescue

Bible Search & Rescue makes results and tools of academic biblical scholarship available to the general public.

The Westar Institute was created to conduct scholarship about religion in public view and to communicate the results of scholarship to the public. We continue to study religion and biblical texts in a way consistent with academic methods established during the seventeenth century. We share the treasures of that scholarship in public.

When we meet in person, Westar scholars engage in dialogue around a large open arrangement of tables. Members of the public are seated around that inner table to listen. Vital conversations among the specialists and non-specialists happen during coffee and meal breaks. Specific sessions are also held with the non-specialist audience. Our online meetings follow a similar pattern.

Many Westar seminars express their consensus about an issue after hearing and discussing the results of research. The degree of consensus is represented in a vote using colored beads. Red means “Yes.” Pink means “Probably.” Gray means “Probably not.” Black means “No.”  You will see these colors on the meter on The Rescue page.

This site extends Westar’s efforts to share results of research in language that is easily understood. We hope that Bible Search & Rescue will not only help you learn about centuries of scholarship but also invite you to continuing on a journey of exploration.