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Shirley Paulson

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Early Christian Texts: The Bible and Beyond


Ph.D., University of Birmingham M.T.S., Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary M.A., Principia College


Shirley Paulson, PhD is the principal producer of Early Christian Texts: The Bible and Beyond. This website includes her online teaching, blog, and podcasts highlighting the work of other scholars. Shirley’s academic work focuses on early Christian texts, especially those relating to healing practices and theology. She contributed a chapter in Westar’s forthcoming First Two Hundred Years After Jesus, and she is currently working on a book on The Secret Revelation of John. She currently serves on the Westar Board of Directors. Prior to this work, Shirley served as the first Head of Ecumenical Affairs for the global headquarters of the Christian Science Church and served on the Board of the North American Academy of Ecumenists.

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