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Hannu K. Saloranta

Institutional Affiliation

Associate Pastor

Nurmijärvi Lutheran Church, Finland


Ph.C., University of Helsinki Th.M, University of Helsinki D.Min., Helsinki Diocese


Hannu K. Saloranta is Associate Pastor of Nurmijärvi Lutheran Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (1990, retired 2016). For ten years he also taught as Professor of Biblical Studies for pastors enrolled in Doctor of Ministry Program in three dioceses (Espoo, Helsinki and Turku, 2004–14). In his earlier days he served as Assistant Pastor Nurmijärvi Lutheran (1984–90) and, following ordination in 1982, as Interim Pastor in four different congregations. More recently, he served as Assistant to the Bishop (2004–9) and Dean (2008–9), both in Espoo Diocese. He has delivered numerous public lectures on Biblical Theology.Saloranta has published in both public and scholarly venues. A columnist in local newspapers from 1989 to 1992, he has also reviewed numerous professional books in Biblical Studies for Finnish Theological Magazine (Teologinen Aikakauskirja = TA) since 1991. His articles explore such topics as “The Illusion of Orthodoxy” (“Ortodoksian illuusio,” TA, 3/86) and “Jesus – Model of Successful Family Relations?” (“Jeesus – onnistuneiden läheissuhteiden esikuva?” TA, 4/97).

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