Profiles of Jesus

Roy J. Hoover, editor


Introduction Roy W. Hoover

Jesus: A Voice Print Robert W. Funk

What Jesus Had to Say James M. Robinson

The Reappearance of Parables Bernard Brandon Scott

The Jesus of History: A Vision of the Good Life Roy W. Hoover

Jesus of Nazareth: A Profile Under Construction Charles W. Hedrick

Jesus as a Peasant Artisan Arthur J. Dewey

Israel’s Prodigal Son: Reflections on Reimagining Jesus Mahlon H. Smith

The Search for the Historical Jesus: Why Start with the Sayings? Lane C. McGaughy

Jesus: A Sketch Marcus J. Borg

Gender and Class in the Teaching of Jesus: A Profile Kathleen E. Corley

Jesus as a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant John Dominic Crossan

Jesus in the Company of Sages Hal Taussig

Dirt, Shame, and Sin in the Expendable Company of Jesus Stephen J. Patterson

The Gospel of John and the Historical Jesus Robert T. Fortna