Christ Seminar

Christ Seminar



Seminar Description

The Christ Seminar is a collaborative of theologians, biblical scholars, activists, artists, and ministers engaging Christologies of the People.

We reckon with the possible futures of “Christ” in the face of climate change, structures of white supremacy, distortions presented by Christian nationalism, legacies of colonialism, violence against women and children, and economic oppression.

The Seminar explores theologies and liturgical practices that are socially consonant with the emergence of minoritized and marginalized perspectives of the last half-century, that center the life and ministry of Jesus, and that are critical of the formations of Empire and the veneration of redemptive violence.

The first phase of the seminar is organized around four working groups:

1.     Land, Labor, Home, and Biosphere

2.     Embodiment

3.      Movements, Activism, and Organizing

4.     Liturgy, Spiritual Practices, Worship

Seminar Findings

Seminar Reports

No papers available at this time.

Seminar Reports

No reports available at this time.

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