Complete Gospel Parallels

Synopses of the Gospels

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Arthur J. Dewey & Robert J. Miller

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An essential resource for the analytical study of the gospels, The Complete Gospel Parallels gives those who study the gospels in English a one-volume compendium of synopses not only for the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, but also for the Gospels of Thomas and Peter, as well as for a few gospel fragments (the Egerton Gospel, Gospel Oxyrhynchus 1224, as well as the Jewish-Christian Gospels of the Hebrews and the Nazoreans). It also includes a synopsis for the reconstructed Q Gospel, which enables the reader both to discern how the text of Q can be derived and how Q was adopted and adapted by Matthew and Luke. The Complete Gospel Parallels features the fresh and vibrant Scholars Version translation, which has been thoroughly revised and fine-tuned to facilitate the precise comparison of parallel passages, using consistent English for the same Greek and different English where the originals vary. Its lucid translation, easy-to-use format, and broad range of gospel materials will enhance and deepen the serious reader’s appreciation of early Christian tradition and literature. View sample pages »Learn more about the Scholars Version translation »