Profiles of Jesus

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Roy W. Hoover

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Edited by Roy W. Hoover. Featuring Marcus J. Borg, Kathleen E. Corley, John Dominic Crossan, Arthur J. Dewey, Robert T. Fortna, Robert W. Funk, Charles W. Hedrick, Roy W. Hoover, Lane C. McGaughy, Stephen J. Patterson, James M. Robinson, Bernard Brandon Scott, Mahlon H. Smith, Hal Taussig Can the authentic words and deeds of Jesus identified by the Jesus Seminar furnish a sufficient basis for a credible profile of the Jesus of history? That is the challenge faced by the contributors to this volume. Their efforts have resulted in a unique collection of studied impressions of Jesus. Here readers will see not Jesus the icon of myth and creed, but a provocative young man of first-century Palestine whose vision and determination to live the vision gave birth to a new form of faith and changed the course of history.