Each deed attributed to Jesus is color-coded to indicate its authenticity. In the judgment of the Jesus Seminar Fellows:

  • Only the information that appears in red type is considered by the Seminar to be virtually certain, supported by a preponderance of evidence.
  • The information in pink is probably less reliable, but fits well with other evidence that is verifiable.
  • The information in gray is possible but unreliable, and lacks supporting evidence.
  • The information that appears in black is improbably. It does not fit verifiable evidence; it is largely or entirely fictive.


Then he left that place, and he comes to his hometown, and his disciples follow him. 2When the Sabbath day arrived, he started teaching in the synagogue; and many who herd him were astounded and said so: “Where’s he getting this?” and “What’s the source of all this wisdom?” and “Who gave him the right to perform such miracles? 3This is the carpenter, isn’t it? Isn’t he Mary’s son? And who are his brothers, if not James, Joses, Judas, and Simon? And who are his sisters, if not our neighbors?” And they were resentful of him.

4Jesus used to tell them: “No prophet goes without respect, except on his home turf among his relatives and at home!”

5He was unable to perform a single miracle there, except that he did cure a few by laying hands on them, 6though he was always shocked at their lack of trust. And he used to go around the villages, teaching in a circuit.