Here you’ll find a list of resources contributed by our scholars and staff, to facilitate thinking and discussion on culturally relevant issues.

Religion and Reproductive Rights

YouTube Video: Westar on the Issues: Abortion and the Bible with Rev. Lori Walke

Article: The Bible and Abortion


LGBTQI issues/resistance

Scholar Q&A: Putting Clobber passages in their place

Video: Trans resistance in ancient Rome

Blog post: What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

Blog post: Sodom and Gomorrah: What the “classical” interpretation gets wrong

Blog post: What about Romans 1? 

Article: What the New Testament says about homosexuality 

Article: Putting Paul in his place

Article: When a Man Lies With a Man as With a Woman

Article: Homosexuality and the Bible by Walter Wink

Book: Some Surprises from the Apostle Paul

Book: Family Empires, Roman and Christian by Susan “Elli” Elliott

Event topic (JSOR): Homosexuality and Marriage in the Bible

Lecture: The gay and lesbian issue, by John Shelby Spong

PowerPoint on the “Clobber Passages” and Queer Theory by Brandy Daniels

Webinar on Pride Month, Queer Theory, and the Bible

Paper on the Jesus Woman by Ally Kateusz


Immigration and Refugees

Blog post series: Immigrants and Refugees: In absence of a patron, Siding with outlaws and fugitives, Flight into Egypt

Live interview: Immigration and Scapegoating with James Carroll


Religion and Politics

Blog post: Thoughts on Westar, Politics, and Religion

Blog post: The Bible is not a 21st Century Political Manifesto

Blog post: Questioning Beyond Ourselves

Blog post: Trumpism is a Wake-up Call to the Academy

Blog post: Westar Condemns Trump’s Dissemination of Propaganda and Hate Speech

Lecture: From Good News to Fake News

Live interview: The Political Jesus with Stephen Tickner


Shifting Religious Landscape

Live interview: Creating Safe Community Spaces with Sarah Morice Brubaker

Live interview: Religious Naturalism and the Future of God with Bart Campolo

Blog post: Religious Change Denial


Peaceful Protest

Blog post: Colin Kaepernick and the Prophetic Witness of Peaceful Protest


Misappropriation of the Bible

Blog post: Romans 13 in our Time

Blog post: Biblical literalism and religious tribalism

Blog post: Westar Stands Against Biblical Appropriation Used in Defense of Sexual Assault


Advent and Christmas

Article: Bamboozled by the Bible

Article:  Does the Kingdom of God Need God?

Blog Series:  Christmas Stories: the Gospel of Luke; the Gospel of Matthew

An Uncommon Lectionary: Pre-Christmas Readings; Christmas Season Readings

Article Series: Who Owns the Holy Land?

Lecture Series: Births of Jesus and Other Sons of God


Lent and Easter

Blog post: Lent and Easter Resources