Here you'll find a list of resources contributed by our scholars and staff, to facilitate thinking and discussion on culturally relevant issues.

LGBTQI issues/resistance

Video: Trans resistance in ancient Rome

Blog post: What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

Blog post: Sodom and Gomorrah: What the "classical" interpretation gets wrong

Article: What the New Testament says about homosexuality 

Article: Putting Paul in his place

Article: When a Man Lies With a Man as With a Woman

Book: Some Surprises from the Apostle Paul

Event topic (JSOR): Homosexuality and Marriage in the Bible

Lecture: The gay and lesbian issue, by John Shelby Spong


Immigration and Refugees

Blog post series: Immigrants and Refugees: In absence of a patron, Siding with outlaws and fugitives, Flight into Egypt

Live interview: Immigration and Scapegoating with James Carroll


Religion and Politics

Blog post: Thoughts on Westar, Politics, and Religion

Blog post: The Bible is not a 21st Century Political Manifesto

Blog post: Questioning Beyond Ourselves

Blog post: Trumpism is a Wake-up Call to the Academy

Blog post: Westar Condemns Trump's Dissemination of Propaganda and Hate Speech

Lecture: From Good News to Fake News

Live interview: The Political Jesus with Stephen Tickner


Shifting Religious Landscape

Live interview: Creating Safe Community Spaces with Sarah Morice Brubaker

Live interview: Religious Naturalism and the Future of God with Bart Campolo

Blog post: Religious Change Denial


Peaceful Protest

Blog post: Colin Kaepernick and the Prophetic Witness of Peaceful Protest


Misappropriation of the Bible

Blog post: Romans 13 in our Time

Blog post: Biblical literalism and religious tribalism

Blog post: Westar Stands Against Biblical Appropriation Used in Defense of Sexual Assault


Advent and Christmas

Article: Bamboozled by the Bible

Article:  Does the Kingdom of God Need God?

Blog Series:  Christmas Stories: the Gospel of Luke; the Gospel of Matthew

An Uncommon Lectionary: Pre-Christmas Readings; Christmas Season Readings

Article Series: Who Owns the Holy Land?

Lecture Series: Births of Jesus and Other Sons of God


Lent and Easter

Blog post: Lent and Easter Resources