December Scholar Roundtable

Silent night, holy night?

By Alexis James Waggoner | 12.3.2019

What do we know about the biblical birth narratives?

Most Christmas stories, pageants, and plays rely on an amalgamation of the four gospel texts -- and sometimes more! What, if anything, can we say for certain about these birth stories? How should we responsibly read and understand them?

Join Westar Scholars on Monday, December 16th at 8pm ET for a roundtable to address these questions and others. Hear from New Testament scholars about historical criticism, the lenses they use to read the bible, and how to make sense of "silent night, holy night." There will also be a time for attendee Q&A!

You can watch the replay here.

We discussed a variety of things, some of those resources can be found here.

Bob Miller's book is available here.

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    I heard repeatedly during the discussion that it was assumed that Mary was only 14 years old. I have searched the Scriptures to find evidence for that, and I don’t find any.


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