The Gospel of Jesus according to the Jesus Seminar

The Gospel of Jesus: According to the Jesus Seminar (2d ed., 2014)

Robert W. Funk, Arthur J. Dewey & the Jesus Seminar

The voice of Jesus has for centuries been obscured and his vision skewed even by well-intended gospel writers, who transmitted his words to serve their own concerns. The Gospel of Jesus frees Jesus’ voice from the accretions of time and lets his challenging wisdom stand out as never before. This single composite gospel, created out of the sayings and reports that were deemed probably historical by the Jesus Seminar, is an essential resource for anyone seeking to detect the words of Jesus as they were heard by his earliest listeners.

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Acts and Christian Beginnings: The Acts Seminar Report

Acts and Christian Beginnings (2013)

Edited by Dennis E. Smith and Joseph B. Tyson

Acts was long thought to be a first-century document, and its author Luke — a disciple of Paul — an eyewitness or acquaintance of eyewitnesses. It was considered history, pure and simple. But Westar’s Acts Seminar concluded that Acts is from the second century, a conclusion that directly challenges the view of Acts as history and raises a host of new questions, addressed in this final report of the Acts Seminar.

The Complete Gospel Parallels

The Complete Gospel Parallels (2012)

Unlike most gospel parallels that compare canonical or synoptic gospels, The Complete Gospel Parallels compares 11 gospels so the reader gets the complete picture of gospel parallels through 300 C.E.

The Complete Gospel Parallels features the fresh and vibrant Scholars Version translation. This book gives those who study the gospels in English a one-volume compendium of parallels for:

  • The gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
  • The gospels of Thomas and Peter
  • Gospel fragments: the Egerton Gospel, Gospel Oxyrhynchus 1224, and the Jewish-Christian Gospels of the Hebrews and the Nazoreans
  • Reconstructed Q Gospel

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The Complete Gospels

The Complete Gospels (4th ed., 2010)

Annotated Scholars Version
This volume is the premier publication of the Scholars Version translation of the gospels—a fresh translation from the original languages into living American English that is entirely free of ecclesiastical control.The Complete Gospels is the first publication to collect the canonical gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and their noncanonical counterparts (for example, Thomas, Judas, and Gospel of the Savior), from the first and second centuries, under a single cover. These noncanonical gospels significantly contribute to our understanding of the developments in the Jesus tradition leading up to and surrounding the New Testament.

The Authentic Letters of Paul

The Authentic Letters of Paul (2010)

A comparative analysis revealed that not all the letters said to be Paul’s are from the same hand. A team of Westar Fellows produced a new translation of the letters of Paul found to be authentic in an attempt to bring the authentic voiceprint of Paul back to the conversation.

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Profiles of Jesus

Profiles of Jesus (2002)

Profiles of Jesus comprises nine of the 15 profiles written for Jesus Seminar sessions in Phase 3, together with three other profiles by Fellows that had previously appeared in Westar's popular magazine, The Fourth R. Contributors include Marcus Borg, John Dominic Crossan, Robert W. Funk, James M. Robinson, and Bernard Brandon Scott.

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The Acts of Jesus

The Acts of Jesus: The Search for the Authentic Deeds (1998)

The complete results of the deliberations of Phase 2 of the Jesus Seminar, Deeds of Jesus. In this critical red-letter edition of the gospels, each deed attributed to Jesus, as well as the reported events of his life, is color-coded to indicate its authenticity. In the judgment of the Jesus Seminar Fellows, about 16 percent of these reports are authentic.

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The Five Gospels: The Search for the Authentic Words of Jesus (1993)

The complete results of the deliberations of Phase 1 of the Jesus Seminar, Sayings of Jesus.In this critical red-letter edition of the gospels, each saying attributed to Jesus is color-coded to indicate its authenticity. In the judgment of the Jesus Seminar Fellows, about 18 percent of these sayings are authentic.It received a starred review from Publishers Weekly and spent nine months on the Publishers Weekly religion bestseller list.

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The Parables of Jesus (1988)

This first report of the Jesus Seminar reviews the authenticity of all gospel versions of the 33 parables attributed to Jesus. Individual versions of each parable are grouped together and arranged for easy reference and comparison.

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