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Our end-of-year campaign is your chance to share what aspects of Westar are most important to you

By Alexis James Waggoner | 11/26/2019

Westar is about raising the level of public discourse on religion through programs that promote academically sound religious literacy.

A question for us today is how best to bring forward scholarly literacy on religion. This is why Westar is now focused on diverse ways to reach the public and to provide educational opportunities to young and old alike. Donate to our giving campaign now!

The background of a changing social environment inspires us to offer you the opportunity to “vote” for what you believe is Westar’s most important educational initiative today. We are inviting you, when you make a gift to Westar, to indicate where your Westar passion lies. Among the educational programs being considered by the Board of Directions are three we need your opinion on.  Which of the three programs of public education below matters most to you and where do you think Westar needs to place its future energy? Please give and vote for what your passion is.

  • Westar Speakers: getting Westar scholars out in the public for events like the Jesus Seminar on the Road (JSOR) Program
  • Westar Academy: getting Westar scholars focused on producing online education where significant courses related to the historical Jesus and theology are offered to the general public.
  • Archive Project: a major endeavor to collect all of Westar’s audio and video material (including the original Jesus Seminar sessions) together in an online, searchable, index available to scholars and the public alike.

Each project is important, and each will take an investment of time and money to succeed. We seek to raise an ambitious $150,000 in this end of the year campaign. Every dollar means we are one step closer to heightening rigorous research and expanding our audiences. The challenges we face will continue to evolve, as will Westar. However, our commitment to religious literacy will always be the same.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of an end of year gift to Westar. Your gift today is a direct link to the future.

Donate to our end-of-year campaign here, and in the "notes" section you can indicate your vote for what you appreciate most about Westar!

As Marketing and Digital Education Director, Alexis Waggoner works closely with both Westar’s Marketing Committee and the Executive Director to advance the presence and value of Westar in our culture through social media and the use of digital media in public education. Alexis brings to Westar a unique blend of digital marketing and religious education experience. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and a Master of Divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary. 

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