The Order of Susan M. (Elli) Elliott

About the Award

Induction into the Order of Susan M. (Elli) Elliott recognizes and honors scholars whose work and disposition toward their work reflects the character of its honoree.

Elli Elliott is a fearless and rigorous scholar who critically engages both academic and social issues. Her work explores social inequity and injustice, whether ancient or modern, thereby providing insights for achieving equity.

As a champion of the voices of the underrepresented and as an advocate of the underappreciated, Elli Elliott is a strong proponent for equality with respect to gender, race, religion, and ethnicity. She is concerned for the ethics of the scholarly enterprise and insists on adherence to the best practices of ethical integrity. Elli likewise embodies the value of honest scholarship for public benefit.

Elli Elliott exemplifies selfless service for the common good. She labors tirelessly to produce meticulous, cogent, and equitable scholarship that benefits religious and scholarly communities as well as the public at large.

Westar scholars who fearlessly exemplify the qualities of fairness, concern for equality, and advocacy of justice are eligible for induction into the Order of Susan M. (Elli) Elliott. Nominated scholars exemplify Westar's ethos, namely, its commitment to collegial and equitable discourse. They also hold a history of dedication to Westar and a consistent track record of seminar involvement or participation in other public-facing projects.

At least three scholars must support the nomination. At least two of the scholars must be Westar scholars. A minimum of a 100-word statement, signed by the nominators, must be included, indicating the grounds for the nomination: Westar commitment and record of involvement are taken into consideration for the granting of this award.  

The nomination is to be signed by the Westar Executive Director and presented to the Academic Program Committee for a vote.


It is with profound sorrow that we announce the passing of Susan M. (Elli) Elliott on May 6, 2024. In her honor, we are proud to introduce "The Order of Susan M. (Elli) Elliott Award," established by the Westar Institute. The inception of this award in February 2024, unanimously affirmed by our board of directors, was a testament to the indelible mark Elli left on our community and the field she so passionately enriched.

Elli was more than just a trailblazer; she was a beacon of knowledge, compassion, and unwavering dedication. It is only fitting that Elli herself became the first recipient of this distinguished award, presented to her on May 4, 2024. This award honors her immense contributions, her inspiring leadership, and her enduring legacy that will continue to guide us all.

Elli's loss is felt deeply by all who had the privilege to know her and work alongside her. Her spirit and achievements will forever be etched in the annals of our institute and in the hearts of those she touched.

We dedicate The Order of Susan M. (Elli) Elliott Award to her memory, ensuring that her legacy of excellence, kindness, and scholarly rigor continues to inspire future generations. Rest in peace, dear Elli. Your light will never fade.