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Volume 35 (2022)


Editorial – Parenthetical Remarks By Art Dewey
Constructing the History of the Church: Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History by Nina E. Livesey
The First Sermon: From Provocations to Proclamations by Gordon W. G. Raynal
Rethinking Religion by Arthur Wells
A Farewell Interview with Bill Lehto, Westar’s Financial Manager by Andrew D. Scrimgeour
Book Review: The Life and Death of the Radical Historical Jesus by David Burns
Different Gods by Tom Hall
Books that Make a Difference

Volume 34 (2021)


Editorial – How is it with you? By Art Dewey
Jesus Died for My Sins – “Getting Right with God in the Light of the Letter to the Hebrews” by Douglas Griffin
Learning from Africans How to Read the Parables of Jesus – Glenna S. Jackson
Republican Jesus – “How the Right Has Rewritten the Gospels” By Tony Keddie
An Interview with the Author by Steve Watkins
Crucifixion, Resurrection, and George Floyd by Bernard Brandon Scott
Book Review – “Credit and Faith” By Philip Goodchild


Editorial – Unforgetting By Art Dewey
My God’s Bigger than Your God – A Response to “How We Use God: Let Me Count the Ways” by Carl Jech (John W. Bennison)
Carl Jech Responds – Carl Jech
The Historical Jesus Is Not History – Roy W. Hoover with Robert J. Miller
Guy Fawkes – The Terrorist Who Became an Icon – Chad Venters
What I Have Learned from Other Religions – James S. Wolfe
Book Review – When God Was a Bird – Christianity, Animism, and the Re-enchantment of the World By Mark I. Wallace

Volume 34 (2021)

Editorial, The Lens of History (Art Dewey)
Religion Promises but Science Delivers – The Transhumanist Wager (Donald Braxton)
Soul and Spirit at Westar (Dennis Maher)
Be There Dragons in the Bible? (Charles W. Hedrick)
An Open Letter to the Seminar on God and the Human Future (Gene Stecher)
Response to Gene Stecher (Sarah Morice Brubaker)
Report on the Bible and Human Sexuality Mini-Seminar Perry V. Kea
Book Review – The Claim to Christianity – Responding to the Far Right (Thomas Hannah Strømmen and Ulrich Schmiedel)

Volume 33 (2020)

Editorial, Jesus—Anyone Interested? (Art Dewey)
Old Trees, Stardust, and Moments of Wonder – An Introduction to Religious Naturalism (Rex A. E. Hunt)
The Blood of Jesus in Early Soteriology and Christology (Charles W. Hedrick)
The Ghosts of Tyntesfield – How Cultural Worlds Crumble (Dominic Kirkham)
Finding the Traces of Jesus (Douglas L. Griffin)
Book Review: Black Lives and Sacred Humanity – Toward an African American Religious Naturalism by Carol Wayne White

Editorial, A Deeper Contagion (Art Dewey)
The Woman with the Empty Jar (Thomas 97 and Africa) (Glenna S. Jackson)
Toward a Strategy for an Enlightened Faith (Roy W. Hoover)
A Response to Roy W. Hoover’s “Toward a Strategy for an Enlightened Faith” (Christopher D. Rodkey)
A Response to Christopher D. Rodkey (Roy W. Hoover)
Metaphysics and Miracles by Loyal D. Rue
The Life of God from Conception to Death in the Human Thought-World (Lloyd Geering)
The Seminar on God and the Human Future – A Report on the 2019 Fall Meeting (Jordan E. Miller)
Book Review: The Life of Saint Teresa of Avila: A Biography (Katherine Apostolacus)

Volume 32 (2019)

Editorial, A Final Exam? (Art Dewey)
Hidden Transcripts of Violence (Hal Taussig)
The Christ, the Holocaust, the Environment, and Rudolf Bultmann (Carl L. Jech)
Early Christian Confessions and the Language of Faith (Charles W. Hedrick)
Book Review: The Second Church: Popular Christianity a.d. 200–400 by Ramsey MacMullen

Editorial, Theology and Unmaking the World (Art Dewey)
What is Death of God theology? (Daniel J. Peterson)
The Parable of the Unjust Judge, The Book of Revelation, and the Denial of Climate Breakdown – Part I (Richard Q. Ford)
The Seminar on God and the Human Future – A Report on the 2018 Fall Meeting (Jordan Miller)
The Christianity Seminar – A Report on the 2018 Fall Meeting (Hal Taussig)

Editorial, Not a White, but a Pied Paper (Art Dewey)
From Womb to Word – Egyptian Origins and Biblical Beliefs (Dominic Kirkham)
The Parable of the Unjust Judge, The Book of Revelation, and the Denial of Climate Breakdown – Part II (Richard Q. Ford)
Where did St. Mark’s Gospel originally end? (Lloyd Geering)
Response to Lloyd Geering (Joanna Dewey)
Reflections on Richard Ford’s Unjust Judge (Jeffrey W. Robbins)
Book Review – Big Bang, Big God and A Universe Designed for Life? by Rodney Holder


Editorial, Border Crossings (Art Dewey)
God Talk and Indigenous Religions – Living in a World of Worlds (Mary L. Keller)
What’s Wrong with Classical Theism? (Clayton Crockett)
The Seminar on God and the Human Future – A Report on the 2019 Spring Meeting (W. David Hall)
The Christianity Seminar – A Report on the 2019 Spring Meeting (Shirley Paulson)
Book Review – God Is No Thing: Coherent Christianity by Rupert Shortt

Editorial, The Art of Lament: Singing in Our Pain… (Art Dewey)
The Arch of Titus (Bernard Brandon Scott)
Myth and Mystery – Profiling the Early Christian Mind (Charles Hedrick)
Man with an Attitude (Eugene H. Stecher)
Book Review – Seven Types of Atheism by John Gray

The Forgotten, Unbelievable (Stephen J. Patterson)
The Recent Evolution of Creationism (Steve Watkins)
Psychology and Sin (Steven Prasinos)
Amazing Grace Redux (Tom Hall)

Volume 31 (2018)

Editorial, Facing the Abyss (Art Dewey)
Putting Paul in His Place (Charles W. Hedrick)
Silencing Jesus with Theology: From Parable to Allegory (Perry Kea)
Silencing Jesus with Politics: From a Subversive to a Submissive Jesus (Paul H. Jones)
A Case for Theological Realism (Byron Bangert)
Book Review: Paul within Judaism: Restoring the First-Century edited by Mark D. Nanos and Magnus Zetterholm (Gordon W. G. Raynal)

Editorial, Adding Wrinkles to the Text (Art Dewey)
Which Came First, the Rhetoric or the Message?: A Response to Nina E. Livesey (Susan M. (Elli) Elliott & Nina E. Livesey)
Justice versus Mercy in the Hebrew Bible (Richard Hagenston)
Why the Jesus Seminar Needs the God Seminar (Clayton Crockett)
The Seminar on God and the Human Future: A Report on the 2017 Fall Meeting (Alan Jay Richard)
The Christianity Seminar: A Report on the 2017 Fall Meeting (Hal Taussig)
Book Review: Teaching the Bible in the Liberal Arts Classroom edited by Jane S. Webster and Glenn S. Holland (Glenna S. Jackson)

Editorial, Time to Take His Measure (Art Dewey)
The Discipline of Doubt as Gateway to Faith (Douglas L. Griffin)
Retrofitting Prophecy (Robert J. Miller)
The Reformation is Finished: The Protestant Reformation and Its Implications for the Twenty-first-century Church (Maynard Moore)
Book Review: The Ten Commandments: A Short History of an Ancient Text by Michael Coogan (Perry Kea)

Editorial, All That Jazz (Art Dewey)
500 Years from the Reformation of the Church to the Reformulation of (Christian) Faith (Lloyd Geering)
Rerouting Jesus: Why Luke Changed Jesus’ Itinerary (John Van Hagen)
Lacunae (Austin Adkinson)
The Christianity Seminar: A Report on the 2018 Spring Meeting (Shirley Paulson)
The Seminar on God and the Human Future: A Report on the 2018 Spring Meeting (John Caputo)
Book Review: The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History edited by Elizabeth Kolbert (Gordon Raynal)

Editorial, Korai 4 (Art Dewey)
Romans 13 in Our Time (Bernard Brandon Scott)
King Jesus (Part One): An Exploration of the Royal Titling of Jesus (Gordon Raynal)
Bamboozled by the Bible: The world’s greatest literary fraud and why it matters (Dominic Kirkham)
Jesus in a Bottle: A Sermon (Robert Price)
Book Review: Evolving Brains, Emerging Gods by E. Fuller Torrey (Robert J. Miller)

Editorial, The Devil You Say… (Art Dewey)
King Jesus (Part Two): An Exploration of the Royal Titling of Jesus (Gordon Raynal)
Historical Problems in the Resurrection Narratives (Michael Alter)
How my thinking has changed (Lloyd Geering)
The Two Burial Stories in the Gospel of John (Joseph Codsi)
Bear the Cross (Austin Adkinson)
Book Review: The Gospel of the Poor by Sakari Häkkinen (Glenna Jackson)

Volume 30 (2017)

Editorial, Kristallnacht 2016 (Art Dewey)
Plato’s Gospel: Part One (Stephen Patterson)
The Pharisee and the Toll Collector (Robert J. Miller)
Blind Alleys and Turning Corners: A Response to Robert Miller (Charles Hedrick)
The Fall of God: A Sermon (Robert Price)
A Response to Robert Miller’s Analysis of the Parable (Richard Q. Ford)
Book Review: James, 1 & 2 Peter, and Early Jesus Traditions edited by Alicia J. Batten and John S. Kloppenborg (Gordon W. G. Raynal)

Editorial, From: Paul  To: Trump (Art Dewey)
Plato’s Gospel: Part Two (Stephen Patterson)
The Hiddenness Argument (J. L. Schellenberg)
The Seminar on God and the Human Future: A Report on the 2016 Fall Meeting (E. Maynard Moore)
The Christianity Seminar: A Report on the 2016 Fall Meeting (Hal Taussig)
Book Review: The Jesus Movement and the World of the Early Church by Sheila E. McGinn (Glenna Jackson)

Editorial, Out of the corner of my eye (Art Dewey)
Job Openings!: Organizing the Kingdom of God on Earth (Gordon W. G. Raynal)
Venerable New Church (Lloyd Geering)
Jihad and Hijab: What I wish American Christians knew about Islam (Belle Tuten)
Is God Real?: A Linguistic View (James Feist)
Westar Spring 2017 Meeting (Recaps)
The Doping of Jesus (Fred Aufdencamp)
Book Review: Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence by Karen Armstrong (Dennis Smith)

Editorial, Another Report from the Trenches (Art Dewey)
The Church’s Gospel and the Idiom of Jesus (Charles W. Hedrick)
Ezekiel, a Prophet for Our Times? (John Van Hagen)
The Christianity Seminar: A Report on the 2017 Spring Meeting (Nina Livesey)
The Seminar on God and the Human Future: A Report on the 2017 Spring Meeting (Hollis Phelps)
The Ten Commandments and an Atheist’s Ten Suggestions (Richard Trudeau)
Book Review: Islam: What Non-Muslims Should Know by John Kaltner (Perry Kea)

Editorial, No More Potemkin Theology (Art Dewey)
Economic Warfare and Ethnic Intolerance: Two Parables of Jesus (Richard Q. Ford)
Does the Kingdom of God Need God? (John D. Caputo)
Jesus Christ: Person and Symbol: Faith of or in Christ? (Carl Jech)
A Manifesto for Progressive Christians (Les Switzer)
Book Review: Introduction to “Gnosticism”: Ancient Voices, Christian Worlds by Nicola Denzey Lewis (Perry Kea)

Editorial, The Art of Resistance (Art Dewey)
How Humans Made God (Lloyd Geering)
God of the Crucified Messiah (Bernard Brandon Scott)
The Phoenix of Passchendaele (Dominic Kirkham)
Book Review: The Mind of God: Neuroscience, Faith, and a Search for the Soul by Dr. Jay Lombard (Robert J. Miller)

Volume 29 (2016)

Editorial, Meeting Marcus Again (Art Dewey)
Bless You, Marcus Borg (Robin Meyers)
Marcus Borg’s Convictions (Jarmo Tarkki)
Marcus J. Borg: Jesus (Joanna Dewey)
What Defiles Us? (Marcus Borg)
Reflection on Borg’s The God We Never Knew (Joe Bessler)
Marcus Borg: A Layperson’s View of His Life & Work (Richard J. Carter)
It’s the Theology: In Memory of Marcus J. Borg (1942–2015) (John Dominic Crossan)

Editorial, Unsettling Remarks (Art Dewey)
Jesus the Apprentice: The Origin of Jesus’ Reputation as Healer (Daniel Frayer-Griggs)
Evidence and Life after Death (Carl L. Jech)
Tillich and God in Atlanta: A Report on the 2015 Fall Meeting (David Galston)
Christianity Seminar: A Report on the 2015 Fall Meeting (Maia Kotrosits)
No Need to Abandon a Realist, Theistic Conception of God (Byron Bangert)
Book Review: Mythologizing Jesus: From Jewish Teacher to Epic Hero by Dennis R. MacDonald (Cassandra Farrin)

Editorial, The Land of Magical Thinking (Art Dewey)
Is the Bible the Word of God? (Charles Hedrick & Lee McDonald)
The Seminar on God and the Human Future: A Report on the 2016 Spring Meeting (Joe Bessler)
Christianity Seminar: A Report on the 2016 Spring Meeting (Carly Daniel-Hughes)
Heresy—Or Not (Harry T. Cook)
Book Review: The Messiah of Peace: A Performance-Criticism Commentary on Mark’s Passion-Resurrection Narrative by Thomas E. Boomershine (Glenna Jackson)

Editorial, Time to Re-mythologize Jesus? (Gordon W. G. Raynal)
How Christianity Became the Religion of the Roman Empire (James Veitch)
A Progressive’s Prologue to Peace (Paul H. Jones)
Is the Bible the Word of God? (Charles W. Hedrick & Lee M. McDonald)
Death and Salvation (Loyal D. Rue)
Book Review: Invisible Romans by Robert Knapp (Dennis Smith)

Editorial, Remember, remember… (Art Dewey)
Gladiators and Martyrs (Susan M. “Elli” Elliott)
Is the Bible the Word of God? (Charles W. Hedrick & Lee M. McDonald)
Eschatology, Globalized and Personalized (Don Cupitt)
Book Review: The Spiritual Doorway in the Brain by Kevin Nelson, M.D. (Robert J. Miller)

Editorial, How Could I Fall for This? (Art Dewey)
Did Martin Luther Get It All Wrong about Faith in Christ? (William O. Walker, Jr.)
Paul, Luther, and Protestant Doctrine: A Response to William Walker (Lane C. McGaughy)
“Faith in Christ” or “Christ’s Faith/Faithfulness”?: A Response to Lane C. McGaughy (William O. Walker, Jr)
How I Stopped Cringing at Jesus’ Name: The Lost Gospels Q and Q1 (Richard Trudeau)
Book Review: The Homebrewed Christianity Guide to the End Times by Jeffrey C. Pugh (Perry Kea)

Reading the Gospel of Mark as Secular Literature (Fred Ross)

Volume 28 (2015)

Editorial: Testing the Atmosphere of God (Art Dewey)
Mother of Us All: Promethean Eve (Richard Trudeau)
Theology before and after Bishop Robinson’s Honest to God (Lloyd Geering)
Be Born Again? (aka: “Get a Life!”) …and Jesus said, The hidden will be revealed (Gordon W. G. Raynal)
Born Again? Think Again. (Robert J. Miller)
The Gift of Different Vantage Points: A Response to Robert Miller (Gordon Raynal)
The Basic Problem of Historical Jesus Studies: Criticism is to make judgments in light of evidence (Charles W. Hedrick)
A Letter to Jesus: A Confession (Gerd Lüdemann)
Book Review: Questioning Assumptions: Rethinking the Philosophy of Religion by Tom Christenson (Robert J. Miller)

Editorial: Filling in the Blanks… (Art Dewey)
The Wonder Baby: The Immanuel Prophecy in Isaiah and Matthew (Robert J. Miller)
Taking Nature to Heart (Loyal D. Rue)
From Abba-Cry to Father-Prayer (John Dominic Crossan)
Book Review: The Bible’s Yes to Same-Sex Marriage: An Evangelical’s Change of Heart by Mark Achtemeier (Perry Kea)
Christianity Seminar: A Report on the 2014 Fall Meeting (Hal Taussig)

Easter, Apocalypse, and the Fundamentalists: Part One (Thomas Sheehan)
Faitheism: Religion for Atheists and Science for Creationists (Steve Watkins)
The Holiness of Desolation: A Sermon (Robert M. Price)
The Seminar on God and the Human Future: A Report on the Fall 2014 Meeting (David Galston)
How Relevant is the Christian worldview today? (Charles W. Hedrick)
Book Review: Re-reading the Gospel of Mark amidst Loss and Trauma by Maia Kotrosits and Hal Taussig (Dennis E. Smith)

Rethinking the Beginnings of Christianity: New History, New Meanings (Maia Kotrosits)
Don Cupitt’s Creative Faith (Lloyd Geering)
Easter, Apocalypse, and the Fundamentalists: Part Two (Thomas Sheehan)
The Seminar on God and the Human Future: Report on the 2015 Spring Meeting (Jarmo Tarkki)
Christianity Seminar: Report on the 2015 Spring Meeting (Chris Shea)
Book Review: Faith No More: Why People Reject Religion by Phil Zuckerman (Steve Watkins)

The Faith Journey of a One-time Heretic (James Veitch)
Reading Lloyd Geering: Fifty Years after the Heresy Trial (Joseph Bessler)
Heresy? Exhibit One: Is a New Reformation possible? (Lloyd Geering)
Heresy? Exhibit Two: What does the Resurrection mean? (Lloyd Geering)
Heresy? Exhibit Three: The Eternity in the Human Mind (Lloyd Geering)
Heresy? Exhibit Four: Humankind’s Ultimate Destiny (Lloyd Geering)
Book Review: Reimagining God: The Faith Journey of a Modern Heretic by Lloyd Geering (Tom Hall)

Troubling Times for God: Nominalist Challenges for a Seminar and a Culture (David Galston)
Mustard Seeds, Not Metaphysics: A Response to David Galston (John D. Caputo)
Rethinking Second Isaiah’s Radical Theology: Do we still need a God of history? (John Van Hagen)
Spiritual Defiance: Building a Beloved Community of Resistance (Robin Meyers)
Westar in New Zealand and Australia (David Galston)

Volume 27 (2014)

27-1 [out of print]
Religious Naturalism and Its Place in the Family of Religions (Donald A. Crosby)
Peter’s Mourning and His Easter Vision (Gerd Lüdemann)
Gathering Practices: Distinctive Markers of Identity in Earliest Christianity (Gordan W. G. Raynal)
Review of Correcting Jesus: 2000 Years of Changing the Story by Brian Griffith (Glenna Jackson)

27-2 [out of print]
Editorial: What Grabs Us (Art Dewey)
Authentic Existence: The Debate over Demythologizing (William O. Walker Jr.)
Who Cares Who Said?: The Question of Myth and Religion (David Galston)
A Reply (Robert M. Price)
Lamps unto Yourselves (Robert M. Price)
A Reply (David Galston)
Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven (Stephen J. Patterson)
Book Review: Why Does the World Exist? by Jim Holt (Mike Short)

Editorial: Donut Theology (Art Dewey)
Religion without God: The Way of Religious Naturalism (Michael Hogue)
Fact-Checking Faith: From Category Confusion to “Higher” Truth (Paul H. Jones)
Saving Jesus from the Church: An Interview with Robin Meyers (Perry Kea)
Book Review: Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief by Lawrence Wright (Steve Watkins)
Yahweh—the God who changed his ways (Charles Hedrick)

Editorial: Chew On This (Art Dewey)
Why Atheists, True Believers, and Even Agnostics Must All Be Wrong: An Aproleptic Manifesto (Peter Steinberger)
Questioning the Historical Reliability of the Gospels: A Hopeful Skepticism Struggles between Optimism and Skepticism (Charles W. Hedrick)
A Report on the Spring 2014 Meeting (Nina E. Livesey and Chris Shea)
Book Review: Cruelty, Sex and Violence in the Old Testament by Thomas Römer (Robert J. Miller)

Editorial: A Devil’s Exercise (Art Dewey)
Marcion, Forgotten Church Father and Inventor of the New Testament (Jason David BeDuhn)
Cognitive Dissonance and the Resurrection of Jesus (Kris Komarnitsky)
Maybe Paul Didn’t Hate Sex: A Response to Stephen Patterson (William O. Walker, Jr.)
An Interview with Raheel Raza (David Galston)
An Interview with Jodi Magness (Milton Moreland)
Book Review: Unprotected Texts: The Bible’s Surprising Contradictions about Sex and Desire by Jennifer Wright Knust (Perry Kea)

Editorial: Jesus of Nazareth—Presidential Timber? (Art Dewey)
Kettle Logic: A Deconstructive Sermon (Robert M. Price)
The Torah Is a Braid: Different Concepts of God (Richard Trudeau)
The Humanist’s Goal Is Becoming Human (Harry T. Cook)
Book Review: Holy Misogyny: Why the Sex and Gender Conflicts in the Early Church Still Matter by April D. DeConick (Glenna Jackson)
Why pick up The Gospel of Jesus? (Art Dewey)
Hands on Faith (Catherine Maresca)

Volume 26 (2013)

26-1 [out of print]
The Mystical Gospel of Mark: Part Two (Scott Brown)
Credo: Finding a Common Voice (Gordon W. G. Raynal)
Why I Wrote The Church’s Seven Deadly Secrets: An Interview with the Author
The Whys and Wherefores of the New Christianity Seminar (Nina E. Livesey)
Review of Revelations: Visions, Prophecy, & Politics in the Book of Revelation by Elaine Pagels (Glenna Jackson)

Jesus’ Resurrection as a Cultural Reality (Pieter F. Craffert)
Dragon Snakes and Fictitious Grapes: What Happens When Myths Are Literalized (Steve Watkins)
Sodomy (Stephen Patterson)
Responses to Pieter Craffert (Robert M. Price, Bernard Brandon Scott)
An Appreciative, though Critical, Response (Pieter Craffert)
Reading Scripture out of Context and God’s “Plan of Salvation” (Charles W. Hedrick)
Review of Living with Ambiguity: Religious Naturalism and the Menace of Evil by Donald A. Crosby
Starting a Church That Even I Would Attend (Roger Ray)

The New Atheism and the Enlightenment: Part One (John C. Kelly)
Why the First Quest for the Historical Jesus? (Joe Bessler)
Report from the 2013 Spring Meeting (Collated by Chris Shea)
Lloyd Geering: A Tribute (James Veitch)
Lloyd Geering: Still Not Guilty (Jarmo Tarkki)
Review of Why Priests?: A Failed Tradition by Garry Wills

26-4 [out of print]
The Story of Thecla: An Early Christian Heroine (Perry V. Kea)
The New Atheism and the Enlightenment: Part Two (John C. Kelly)
David Loves Jonathan (Stephen Patterson)
Where Does Evil Come From? (Charles W. Hedrick)
Review of Saving Jesus from the Church: How to Stop Worshiping Christ and Start Following Jesus by Robin R. Meyers

What Comes after Christianity? (Thomas Sheehan)
Why I Wrote A Scandalous Jesus (Joseph A. Bessler)
Promises, Promises: The Myth of Salvation History (John Van Hagen)
A New New Testament: An Interview with the Author
Review of A New New Testament by Hal Taussig

26-6 [out of print]
Montanus: Heretic or Spirit-Filled Prophet? (Charles Zimmerman)
Saint Paul Hated Sex (Stephen Patterson)
Review of Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan (Perry Kea)
Milestones in the Quest for the Historical Jesus (Robert W. Funk)
Opera Review of The Gospel of Mary Magdelene by Mark Adamo (Bob Jones)

Volume 25 (2012)

25-1 [out of print]
Why I Wrote Religion Under Attack (Nigel Leaves)
Fictional Religion: Great Books that Carry On the Good Book’s Work: Part Two (Jamie Spencer)
Yes We Can (Tom Hall)
The Answer Is “Truth” (Gerd Lüdemann)
Halloween: Do the Dead Walk? (Charles W. Hedrick)
Review of Biblical History and Israel’s Past: The Changing Study of the Bible and History by Megan Bishop Moore and Brad E. Kelle (Milton Moreland)
Review of The Invention of Hebrew by Seth L. Sanders (Milton Moreland)

25-2 [out of print]
Paul on the Status and Role of Women: The Apostle as Radical Egalitarian (William O. Walker, Jr.)
Saint Paul the Wise (Gordon Raynal)
Jewish Myth and Priestly Politics (John Van Hagen)
Review of The Islamist: Why I Became an Islamic Fundamentalist, What I Saw Inside, and Why I Left by Ed Husain (Robert J. Miller)
What Jesus Didn’t Say: An interview with author Gerd Lüdemann

25-3 [out of print]
Jesus’ Parable of the Dishonest Steward and America’s War in Afghanistan (Richard Q. Ford)
Responses (Charles W. Hedrick, Bernard Brandon Scott)
When a Man Lies with a Man as with a Woman (Stephen J. Patterson)
Fall Meeting 2011: Report of the Bible Seminar (Stephen J. Patterson, Chair)
Report from the Spring Meeting 2012: Back to the Future (Lane C. McGaughy)
Letter to the Editor 18
Responses (David Galston, Gordon Raynal, Bob Jones)
Review of Christian Mentality: The Entanglements of Power, Violence, and Fear by Burton L. Mack (Milton Moreland)
What Makes a Jesus Seminar Study Group Successful? (Rod MacKenzie)

The Twin Engines of Social Change: New Knowledge and Technology (Charles Gray)
The Meaning of Exorcisms: The Q Jesus and the Historical Jesus (Paul Verhoeven)
Did Jesus Act Alone? A Response to Paul Verhoeven (Melanie Johnson-DeBaufre)
Review of Stone and Dung, Oil and Spit: Jewish Daily Life in the Time of Jesus by Jodi Magness (Dennis E. Smith)

When “Word” is not enough: The Syrophoenician encounter with Jesus (Mark 7:24–30) (Alan H. Cadwallader)
Another Look at the Canaanite Woman (Glenna S. Jackson)
Demoting Jesus: On Returning his Humanity (David Galston)
Meet ‘Joe Westar’: A Report on Westar’s Membership Survey (Lynn Tuttle Gunney)
Review of Founding Faith: How Our Founding Fathers Forged a Radical New Approach to Religious Liberty by Steven Waldman (Perry V. Kea)

The Mystical Gospel of Mark: Part One (Scott Brown)
Reading the Bible Critically, Not Literally: A Primer (Paul H. Jones)
Why I Wrote Embracing the Human Jesus (David Galston)
Satyrs or Wild Goats? The Politics of Translating the Bible (Charles W. Hedrick)
Review of The Jewish Annotated New Testament: New Revised Standard Version by Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Zvi Brettler, editors (Gordon W. G. Raynal)

Volume 24 (2011)

24-1 [out of print]
Hidden Treasure: What Einstein and Genesis Have in Common (Larry Winters)
The Thunder: Perfect Mind and Early Christian Conflicts about Gender (Maia Kotrosits)
The Evolution-Creation Controversy: Why it Matters, Part Two (Michael Zimmerman)
Review of Israel’s Ethnogenesis: Settlement, Interaction, Expansion, and Resistance by Avraham Faust (Milton Moreland)
Review: The Bible’s Buried Secrets written, produced, and directed by Gary Glassman (Milton Moreland)

Buddhism for Kids: An Experiment in Comparative Religious Literacy (Paul Alan Laughlin)
Jesus’ Mission Agenda: A First-Century Home Networking Strategy (Gordon Raynal)
A Philosopher for Pulpiteers: Paul Ricoeur and the Language of Faith Proclamation (Robert Jones)
“He Made It Up” (Tom Hall)
Review of The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values by Sam Harris (Bill Lehto)

Was the Resurrection Christianity’s Big Bang? Part One (Stephen J. Patterson)
Pseudo-Scholarship Illustrated: Was the “Original Jesus” a Pagan God? (Susan M. Elliott)
Jesus’ Parable of the Unforgiving Slave and the Wall Street Crisis of 2008 (Richard Q. Ford)
Review of The Grand Design by Stephen W. Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow (Mike Short)

Fictional Religion: Great Books that Carry On the Good Book’s Work: Part One (Jamie Spencer)
Was the Resurrection Christianity’s Big Bang? Part Two (Stephen J. Patterson)
What’s Going on Here? Spirit or spirit? (Garrett Kenney)
Spring Meeting 2011: Report of the Jesus Seminar on Christian Origins (Stephen J. Patterson)
Review of Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (and Why We Don’t Know About Them) by Bart D. Ehrman (Milton Moreland)

Presenting the Authentic Letters of Paul: A Look Behind the Curtain
On Translating Paul’s Letters–for the First Time (Lane C. McGaughy)
Identifying Interpolations in Paul’s Letters (Roy W. Hoover)
Listening for Paul (Arthur J. Dewey)
Is belief in the divinity of Jesus essential to being Christian? (Charles W. Hedrick)
Review of The Rise and Fall of the Bible by Timothy Beal (Milton Moreland)

24-6 [out of print]
The Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas (Charles Zimmerman)
Rescuing God (John Van Hagen)
My Search for the Historical Jesus: An Interview with author Paul Verhoeven
Let’s Interpret It All: Reflections on Gerd Lüdemann’s What Jesus Didn’t Say (Robert Jones)
Paul “Made It Up,” but What Happened Is Not His Fault (Sea Raven)
Reply to Sea Raven (Tom Hall)

Volume 23 (2010)

Dying and Rising with Paul (Richard I. Pervo)
Second-Century Theologians: Ignatius of Antioch (Clayton N. Jefford)
The Jesus Agenda: Christianity for a New Century (Patricia A. Williams)
Fall Meeting 2009: On the Voting Results for the Jesus Seminar on Christian Origins (Stephen J. Patterson)

The Tenacity of Unreasonable Beliefs (Solomon Schimmel)
Straight Talk about God-Talk (Davidson Loehr)
Second-Century Theologians: Justin: Refining the Meaning of Christ and Christian (Nina E. Livesey)
Don Cupitt: An Appreciation (Bill Lehto)
Fall Meeting 2009: On the Voting Results for the Acts Seminar (Dennis E. Smith)
Review of Paul Was Not a Christian: The Original Message of a Misunderstood Apostle by Pamela Eisenbaum (Milton Moreland)

Just how radical were the first followers of Jesus? Q and the Use of Jesus’ Sayings (William E. Arnal)
Fear, Civic Life, and the Divine Domain: Addressing the Shadow Sides of Contemporary Culture (Jack A. Hill)
Review of Jesus for the Non-Religious: Recovering the Divine at the Heart of the Human by John Shelby Spong (Roy W. Hoover)

Don Cupitt’s Above Us Only Sky (John C. Kelly)
Bible Courses, Public Education, and the Law (Mark A. Chancey)
Interpolations in the Letters of Paul (William O. Walker, Jr.)
Review of Galatians Re-Imagined: Reading with the Eyes of the Vanquished by Brigitte Kahl (Nina E. Livesey)

Was Jesus’ Resurrection an Historical Event? A Debate Statement with Commentary (Roy W. Hoover)
What Isn’t in a Name? Naming and the Mission of Acts (Chris Shea)
Spring Meeting 2010: Report from the Jesus Seminar on Christian Origins (Stephen J. Patterson)
The Decline of Public Miracles (Charles W. Hedrick)

How Christianity and Islam ChallengeEach Other (Heikki Räisänen)
The Evolution-Creation Controversy: Why it Matters, Part One (Michael Zimmerman)
Born How? A Sermon on John 3:1–21 (Susan M. Elliott)
Does Prayer Work—Like Magic? (Charles W. Hedrick)
Review of The Rise of Christian Beliefs: The Thought World of Early Christians by Heikki Räisänen (Milton Moreland)

Volume 22 (2009)

22-1 [out of print]
Jesus and Slavery (Jennifer Glancy)
A Fine Mess: The Realist/Anti-Realist Dispute (John Kelly)
From Canaanite Ritual to Jewish Passover and Christian Eucharist: Profiles in Courage (John Van Hagen)
Fall Meeting 2008: Report from the Jesus Seminar on Christian Origins (Stephen J. Patterson)
Review of Jesus the Village Psychiatrist by Donald Capps (John Van Hagen)

Searching for Mary Magdalene (Holly E. Hearon)
Jews and “Gospel Dynamics”: Why advice by ancient sages is no longer sage advice (Michael J. Cook)
A Tale with a Spin: A Tailspin for Truth (Gerd Lüdemann)
Fall Meeting 2008: On the Voting Results for the Acts Seminar (Dennis E. Smith)
An Aunt Jemima father, a handyman son, and a tinkerbell holy spirit: A theological Review of William Paul Young’s semi-radical yet best-selling Christian novel, The Shack (Paul A. Laughlin)

Second-Century Theologians: Marcion (Joseph B. Tyson)
How Wisdom Works (Gordon Raynal)
The “Paulinization” of Peter in the Book of Acts (William O. Walker, Jr.)
(Mis)Using the Bible in Arguments against Abortion (Charles W. Hedrick)
Review of The Bible and the People by Lori Anne Ferrell (Milton Moreland)

Jesus’ Parable of the Vineyard Workers and U.S. Policy on Iraqi Oil (Richard Q. Ford)
Second-Century Theologians: Irenaeus of Lyons (Charles Zimmerman)
Jesus, a Wisdom Theologian (Gordon Raynal)
Fall Meeting 2009: On the Voting Results for the Jesus Seminar on Christian Origins (Stephen J. Patterson)
Fall Meeting 2009: On the Voting Results for the Acts Seminar (Dennis E. Smith)
Bird Droppings and Religious Faith (Charles Hedrick)
Review of Reinventing the Sacred by Stewart A. Kauffman (John Van Hagan)

“That One” Takes a Village: The Uniqueness of Jesus and the Beelzebul Controversy (Q 11:14–26) (Melanie Johnson-DeBaufre)
Flattery in its Sincerest Manifestation (Richard I. Pervo)
Pray Without Seeking: Part One: Toward a Truly Mystical Lord’s Prayer (Paul Alan Laughlin)
The Clergy Letter Project (Michael Zimmerman)

Valentinus and His School: What Might Have Been (Ismo Dunderberg)
Socratizing Paul: The Portrait of Paul in Acts (Rubén Dupertuis)
Pray Without Seeking: Part Two: Toward a Truly Mystical Lord’s Prayer (Paul Alan Laughlin)
Visions, Apparitions, and Other Divine Visitations (Charles W. Hedrick)
Review of Doubting Jesus Resurrection: What Happened in the Black Box? by Kris Komarnitsky (Mike Short)

Volume 21 (2008)

Appearance or Disappearance: Early Beliefs about Jesus’ Vindication (Daniel A. Smith)
The Exodus is not a Story of Liberation (Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer)
Fall Meeting 2007: Report from the Jesus Seminar on Christian Origins (Stephen J. Patterson)
Fall Meeting 2007: Report from the Acts Seminar (Dennis E. Smith)
Review of Religious Literacy by Stephen Prothero (Susan Prill)

No Other Gods: The Bible as a Polytheistic Book (David Penchansky)
Jesus and the Wealthy Sinners (James G. Crossley)
Alcoholics Anonymous, Christianity, and the Historical Jesus (John A. Grant)
Review of Jesus Among Her Children by Melanie Johnson-Debaufre (Milton Moreland)
Review of From Eden to Exile by Eric H. Cline (Jonathan L. Reed)

How Science is Redefining Ethical Categories: The Implications of the Human Genome Project (Myles W. Jackson)
What the New Testament Says about Homosexuality (William O. Walker, Jr.)
Report on the Acts Seminar (Dennis Smith)
Report from the Jesus Seminar on Christian Origins (Stephen J. Patterson)
Review of The Bible: A Biography by Karen Armstrong (Milton C. Moreland)

Is the Existence of God Either/Or? Debating Richard Dawkins on Delusion and Faith (David Galston)
Science and the Bible in Dialogue: 1. In the Beginning: Cosmology (Patricia A. Williams)
Jesus’ Parable of the Talents and the 2008 Olympics (Richard Q. Ford)
Review of The HarperCollins Visual Guide to the New Testament by Jonathan L. Reed (Ruben R. Dupertuis)
Review of A Short History of Myth by Karen Armstrong (Elin Whitney-Smith)

Poetic Exploration of the Wisdom of Jesus by Gene Stecher

A Controversial Jews: Paul and His Conflicting Convictions (Heikki Raisanen)
Science and the Bible in Dialogue: II: In Time: Geology (Patricia A. Williams)
Language and Ritual (Robert Jones)
Mother Nature, God, and Modern Religion (Charles W. Hedrick)
Review of The Misunderstood Jew by Amy-Jill Levine (Gail Streete)
Review of The Cosmic Mystique by Henry A. Garon (Mike Short)

Did Matthew Believe in the Virgin Birth? (Robert J. Miller)
Why the Secret Gospel of Mark is Not a Fraud (John Dart)
Science and the Bible in Dialogue: III: In the End (Patricia A. Williams)
The Problem with Symbols is . . . (Charles W. Hedrick)
YEAR 3 after Bob: A Message to the Members and Friends of Westar Institute (Lane C. McGaughy)
Review of Jesus of Hollywood by Adele Reinhartz (Rubén Dupertuis)

Volume 20 (2007)

The Symbolic Jesus: Why It Matters that Jesus Was Jewish: An interview with William Arnal, Part One
Another Inconvenient Truth: Violence within the “Sacred” Texts (Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer
Fall Meeting 2006: Report on the Jesus Seminar on Christian Origins (Stephen J. Patterson)
Fall Meeting 2006: Report on the Acts Seminar (Dennis E. Smith)

The Symbolic Jesus: Why It Matters that Jesus Was Jewish: An interview with William Arnal, Part Two
The Inevitable Jesus Quest: Two Responses to William Arnal (Mahlon H. Smith, Bernard Brandon Scott)
The Futile Quest: A Reply to Mahlon Smith and Brandon Scott
Captive Church, Subservise Jesus: Where Do We Go from Here? (Peter Lawson)

Reading the Rapture: Evangelical Worldviews and Left Behind (Amy Johnson Frykholm)
Adam and Edom: The Costs and Benefits of Monotheism (Robert J. Miller)
Spring Meeting 2007: Report from the Acts Seminar (Dennis E. Smith)
Spring Meeting 2007: Report from the Jesus Seminar on Christian Origins (Stephen J. Patterson)

Christian Atonement: From Metaphor to Ideology (Stephen Finlan)
Two Coins Too Many: Reflections on the Widow’s Offering (Sakari Hakkinen)
Quakerism and the Jesus Seminar: Fitting Friends (Patricia A. Williams)

A Mystical Christian Credo: From Experience to Expression (Paul Alan Laughlin)
Cosmology and the Way of Jesus: A New Spiritual Vision for a Dying Culture (Alan Bentz-Letts)
Jesus’ Parable of the Wicked Tenants and America’s Invasion of Iraq (Richard Q. Ford)
Review of The Pre-Nicene New Testament by Robert M. Price (Joseph Tyson)

The Seismic Shift: A Major Moment in the History of Parable Interpretation (Bernard Brandon Scott)
Paul’s Metaphors for Jesus’ Saving Death (Stephen Finlan)
Brand X Easters (Robert M. Price)
Review of Jesus of Nazareth by Joseph Ratzinger (Marianne Sawicki)
Review of Science and Religion by Richard G. Olson (Patricia A. Williams)

Volume 19 (2006)

Illuminating Black Boxes: The Beginning and Ends of Intelligent Design (Patricia Williams)
Putting the Historical Jesus in His Place: Part 1, A New Thought Christian Perspective (Paul Alan Laughlin)
From Paralyzing Trauma to New Identity; The Development of Second-Century Christianity (Jahn Van Hagen)

The Life and Legacy of Robert W. Funk

Grassroots Progressive Christianity: A Quiet Revolution (Hal Taussig)
Putting the Historical Jesus in His Place: Part 2, A Spiral Dynamics Perspective (Paul Alan Laughlin)
The Pearl, the Treasure, the Fool and the Cross: A Response (William M. Linden)

What is Christian? Competing Visions in the First Century (Charles W. Hedrick)
The Significance of the Gospel of Judas (Hal Taussig)
Retrospective on the Spring Westar Meeting (Roy W. Hoover)
Eulogy for Daryl Dean Schmidt
Review of What Jesus Meant by Garry Wills (Robert M. Price)

19-5 [out of print]
How Did We Get Here: Looking Back at Twenty Years of the Jesus Seminar (Bernard Brandon Scott)
The Purloined Kingdom (Robert M. Price)
Certainty and Self-Deception in Fundamentalists (Donald M. Braxton)
The Parable of the Assassin, Then and Now (Gene Lovette)
Review of Misquoting Jesus by Bart Ehrman (Glenna Jackson)

The Theology Behind Left Behind
Spiral Dynamics, Evolution, and History (Patricia A. Williams)
Spiral Dynamics from the Underside (Elin Whitney-Smith)
A Reply to Patricia Williams and Elin Whitney-Smith (Paul Alan Laughlin)
Raised on the Third Day (Kris Komarnitsky)

Volume 18 (2005)

The Evolution of Good and Evil (Patricia Williams)
The Road to the Jesus Seminar (Perry V. Kea)
Translating Paul’s Jargon (Roy W. Hoover)

Why Dates Matter (Joseph B. Tyson)
The Once and Future Christ of Faith (Paul Alan Laughlin)
Reminting Paul (Arthur J. Dewey)
Review of Does the Bible Justify Violence? by John J. Collins (Donald M. Braxton)

The Didache (Aaron Milavec)
The God Problem (Nigel Leaves)
Translating Paul (Daryl D. Schmidt)
Review of The Message and the Kingdom by Richard A. Horsley and Neil Asher Silberman (Perry V. Kea)
Review of Tree of Souls by of Howard Schwartz (Dennis E. Smith)

The Paradox of Liberal Religion (Jarmo Tarkki)
Communal Care and the Growth of Early Christianity (David Batson)
Making Oxen Out of Unicorns (Charles W. Hedrick)

Obituary of Robert W. Funk
The Ebionites (Sakari Hakkinen)
Postmodernism, the Historical Jesus, and the Church (David Galston)

The Pearl, the Treasure, the Fool and the Cross (Robert J. Miller)
Religion: Mend It, Don’t End It —A Review of Sam Harris, The End of Faith (Joe Bessler-Northcutt)
Testimonials to Robert W. Funk

Volume 17 (2004)

Tradition and Faith in a New Era (Roy W. Hoover)
The Da Vinci Fraud (Robert M. Price)
Choosing Hymns (Glenna S. Jackson)
Review: The Passion of the Christ, Bad History and Bad Theology (Kathleen E. Corley)
Guilt Trip: Robert Funk weighs in on ugly “Passion (David Templeton)

Braveheart Does the Stations of the Cross: Mel Gibson’s 12-Step Program (Daryl D. Schmidt)
Is Christianity Going Anywhere? Part 1. Christianity at the Crossroads (Lloyd Geering)
Do the Gospels Contain Eyewitness Reports? (Robert W. Funk)

Is Christianity Going Anywhere? Part 2. Excavating Jesus (Lloyd Geering)
Literal Incarnation or Universal Love? Virgin Birth, Incarnation and Atonement (Robert J. Miller)
E=MC2 (Mike Short)

Is Christianity Going Anywhere? Part 3. The Recovery of Jesus’ Teaching (Lloyd Geering)
Wrestling with the Cross: A Sermon (Susan [Elli] Elliott)
Iron John the Baptist (Robert M. Price)

Is Christianity Going Anywhere? Part 4. The Diverse Futures of Christianity (Lloyd Geering)
Advent Meditations (Mike Short)
In the Volume of the Book (Robert M. Price)

Lost in Translation: What Happened to the Eunuchs in Matthew 19:12? (Halvor Moxnes)
Evolution, Monotheism, and Violence (Don Braxton)
The Burglar Who Makes Appointments (Edward F. Beutner)

Volume 16 (2003)

The Future of Religion (Robert M. Price)
Jesus after Hamlet (Edward F. Beutner)
Statement in anticipation of Spring 2004 meeting (Don Cupitt)
Review of Paul the Founder of Christianity by Gerd Lüdemann (Robert M. Price)

Did Jesus Fulfill Prophecy? Probing Matthew’s Gospel (Robert J. Miller)
On the Road Again (Bernard Brandon Scott)
Comedy with a Tragic Turn: The Dishonest Manager (Edward F. Beutner)

The First Will Be First (Paul Verhoeven)
The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible (Robert M. Price)
Where is Fundamentalism Leading Us? (David Galston)

Holy Communion (Lloyd Geering)
The Truth That Is in Jesus (Arthur J. Dewey)
Seeking the Wisdom of Jesus (John Beverley Butcher)

The Gospel of Mary of Magdala (Karen L. King)
The Life of Jesus: A Brief Assessment (Gerd Lüdemann)
The Stole of the Jesus Seminar Order of Merit (James Kasper)

Father Knows Best: Fundamentalism and our Apocalyptic Future (Bernard Brandon Scott)
Suspension of Disbelief (Robert M. Price)
The Sunday Morning Experience: A Codicil to Robert Price (Robert W Funk)

Volume 15 (2002)

Who Owns the Holy Land, Part 1: The Jewish Claim (Lloyd Geering)
Paul – An Obituary (Gerd Lüdemann)

Who Owns the Holy Land, Part 2: The Palestinian Claim (Lloyd Geering)
Making Sense of Paul (Daryl D. Schmidt)
Rewards Are Intrinsic (Robert W. Funk)

Who Owns the Holy Land, Part 3: The British Responsibility (Lloyd Geering)
Historical Jesus and the New Nicaea (David Galston)
The New Physics (Walter McClure)

Who Owns the Holy Land, Part 4: Who Resolves the Conflict (Lloyd Geering)
In Quest of Insight (Mahlon Smith)
Review of Godless Morality by Richard Holloway (Robert W. Funk)

Was Jesus Green (Jack Hill)
J. A. T. Robinson, The Mentor Who Shaped My Ministry (John Shelby Spong)

The Search for Historical Israel (David McCreery)
Did Jesus Speak Greek? (Bernard Brandon Scott)

Volume 14 (2001)

Beyond Story in Search of History (John S. Kloppenborg Verbin)
The Wandering Philosopher (Don Cupitt)
Review of The Jewish Jesus by Dale Allison (W. Barnes Tatum)
Ask the Scholars: Impose your imperial rule (Mahlon Smith)

Christianity Minus Theism (Lloyd Geering)
The Codex of the Gospel of Jesus (Janice Frey with Robert Funk)
Review of Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews by Paula Fredriksen (William Arnal)
Ask the Scholars: Jesus as Itinerant Sage: True or False (Robert W. Funk)

The Christian Gene (Anne Primavesi)
Jesus in Tibet: A Modern Myth (Robert M. Price)
Once & Future Faith Conference Voting Results

How Did Easter Originally Happen (Thomas Sheehan)
Milestones in the Quest for the Historical Jesus (Robert W. Funk)
Ask the Scholars: Scholarly Presuppositions (Robert J. Miller)

Nonviolence for the Violent (Walter Wink)
Essays on Terror
A War of Worlds (Robert W. Funk)
The Clash of Civilizations (Roy W. Hoover)
The Dark Side of Religion (Robert J. Miller)
The Bombing of America (Walter Wink)
Living in a Re-Imagined World (Bernard Brandon Scott)

Thinking Straight about the Virgin Birth (Robert J. Miller)
Terrorism in Perspective (James Veitch)

Volume 13 (2000)

Re-describing Christian Origins — On Burton Mack (Hal Taussig)
The Continued Importance of Jesus (Andries van Aarde)

Martin Luther King: A Profile of Jesus (Ron Large)
A Jewish Jesus in a New Age (Sanford Lowe)

Jesus Seminar Voting on the Apocalyptic Jesus, Life after Death, and Acts

Jesus — The Mini-Series (W. Barnes Tatum)
Odyssey: A Bishop’s Struggle (John Shelby Spong)
Review of Beyond Resurrection by A. J. M Wedderburn (Robert J. Miller)

Special Issue
Secret Mark: New Photographs, New Witnesses (Charles W. Hedrick)

Christianity after the Church (Don Cupitt)
Charge to the Edinburgh Synod (Richard Holloway)

Volume 12 (1999)

What Did Paul Know About Jesus (Gregory C. Jenks)
The Not-So-Great Debate (Alison Cotes)
Christianity Faces the New Millennium (Lloyd Geering)

Spotlight on Saint Paul (James Veitch)
The Rediscovery of New Ancient Gospel (Charles W. Hedrick)

How Jesus Took the gist from Liturgist (Edward Beutner)
Tabloid Testament (Robert M. Price)

The Genesis of Easter (Thomas Sheehan)
Scholars’ Privileges

The Second Founder of Christianity (John L. White)
A Mercy Unextended — Parable of the Unmerciful Servant (Edward F. Beutner)
Once & Future Jesus Voting Results

Volume 11 (1998)

Jesus at the Movies (Barnes Tatum)
Unitarian Universalists and the Jesus Seminar (Will Moredock)
Tales of the End (David Barr)

The First Storytellers (Robert Funk and the Jesus Seminar)
Defending Nicea: The Historical Jesus of N. T. Wright (James Veitch)
Letter from Kentucky (Anonymous)

Behind and Before the Lord’s Prayer (Hal Taussig)
Looking for Jesus in the Holy Land (Dennis Polkow)

The Coming Radical Reformation (Robert W. Funk)
Twelve Theses & a Call for a New Reformation (John Shelby Spong)
Twenty-One Theses & Notes (Robert W. Funk)
On the New Reformation (James Veitch)

The Geering Story (James Veitch)
How Did Jesus Become God – and Why? (Lloyd Geering)
Jesus Seminar on the Road in New Zealand (Robert W. Funk)

What Do You Make of This? Jesus as a Peasant Artisan (Arthur Dewey)
Back to Basics: A Primer on Historical Method (Robert J. Miller)

Volume 10 (1997)

Profiles of Jesus: The Reappearance of Parables (Brandon Scott)
The Jesus Seminar and Its Critics: What Is Really at Stake? (Robert J. Miller)

Mary of Magdala (Karen King)
The Incredible Creed (Robert Funk)
Review of The Gospel According to the Son by Norman Mailer (Robert Price)

Who Put the Hell in Hellenism? (Russell Shorto)
Listening for Luke’s Voice (Perry Kea)
Opinion: Fiction or Nonfiction? (Bob Schwartz)

A Gift of Christmas Clarity (Roy Hoover)
Jesus and the Buddha (Marcus Borg)

Volume 9 (1996)

The Witness of Gospel Fragments (Daryl Schmidt)
Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Salome (Kathleen Corley)
Jesus of Nazareth: A Glimpse (Robert Funk)

Odyssey: Being There (Robert Bater)
The Jesus of History: A Profile in Courage (Roy Hoover)

The Passion Narrative (John Dominic Crossan)
The Work of the Jesus Seminar (Roy Hoover)
The Search for the Historical Jesus: Why Start with the Sayings? (Lane McGaughy)

Volume 8 (1995)

Bookshelf: The Resurrection of Jesus (Robert Funk)


The Resurrection (Thomas Sheehan)

The Jesus Intervention (Ruth Schweitzer-Mordecai)
Odyssey: Fundamentally Pluralistic (Daryl Schmidt)
Bookshelf: The Christian Origins of Anti-Semitism (Barnes Tatum)

Finding a Voice for the Black Sayings (Perry Kea)
What Jesus Had to Say (James Robinson)
The Gospel of John and the Historical Jesus (Robert Fortna)
Answering the Critics: A Scholar Responds to Jesus Under Fire (Roy Hoover)

Volume 7 (1994)

The Search for the Authentic Words of Jesus (Roy Hoover)
Who Was John the Baptizer? (Barnes Tatum)

Did Christians Invent Judas? (John Shelby Spong)

Odyssey: Write What You See (Walter Wink)
Jesus: A Sketch (Marcus Borg)

Special Issue
The Resurrection of Jesus: Reports and Stories (Robert Funk)

The Jesus Seminar at Work: The Making of The Five Gospels (Marcus Borg)
Odyssey: Finding a Way (Bruce Chilton)

The Jesus Seminar at Work: Making the Bible an Open Book (Marcus Borg)

Volume 6 (1993)

Jesus, M.D.? (Mahlon Smith)
Jesus and Family Values (Stephen Harris)
Which Was the First Gospel? (Arland Jacobson)

Whom Jesus Healed and How (Stevan Davies)

The Riddle of Jesus (Paul Scott)
The Gospel of Thomas and Jesus (Stephen Patterson)
God and the Emperor in Waco (Robert Funk)

Odyssey: The Journey Home (Marcus Borg)
New Testament Literary Genres (Perry Kea)

Odyssey: Almost the Whole Truth (John Dominic Crossan)
The Second Coming of the Dead Sea Scrolls (Barnes Tatum)

The Gospel of Jesus and the Jesus of the Gospels (Robert Funk)
Paul: A New Perspective (John White)

Volume 5 (1992)

How the Canon Was Formed (Roy Hoover)
Letter from a Former Outsider (Robert Rock)
JFK : A Moving Picture (Edward Beutner)

Jesus and the Apocalypse (Robert Funk)
Arnold Schwarzenegger Meets John Calvin (Leonard Cassuto)
Review of Authority in the Roman Catholic Church: The Corporate Rejection of Jesus by Maximilian Russer (John L. White)

By Whose Authority? (Mahlon Smith)
Demons: Identity and Worldview (Robert Funk)
In the Beginning Was Talk (Stephen Patterson)

5-4 [out of print]
The Significance of the Work of the Jesus Seminar for Judaism (Sanford Lowe)
Bookshelf : Basic Books for Religious Literacy (Barnes Tatum)

Infancy Narratives in the Ancient World (Lane McGaughy)
Hansel & Gretel, The Lone Ranger, and The Lord of the Rings (Robert Funk)
Bookshelf : Basic Books for Religious Literacy Part II (Barnes Tatum)

The Jesus That Was (Robert Funk)
Wine and Humor at Cana (Doug Adams)
Bookshelf: Basic Books for Religious Literacy Part III (Barnes Tatum)

Volume 4 (1991)

Elusive Bethsaida Recovered (Rami Arav & John Rousseau)
Update: Christ the Man (Paul Verhoeven)
Bookshelf: The Dead Sea Scrolls (Christian Wilson)

The Creed: A Pledge of Allegiance (Julian Hills)
Jesus’ Divinity (Culver Nelson)
Jesus as a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant (John Dominic Crossan)

What Is Gnosticism? (Karen King)
Four Shibboleths of Southern Baptist Orthodoxy (Charles Hedrick)
David Friedrich Strauss: Miracle and Myth (Marcus Borg)

Did That Really Happen? (Mahlon Smith)
The Southern Baptist Controversy (Walter Shurden)
Who Are the Gnostics? (Karen King)

American Apocalyptic (Ron Large)
The Egerton Gospel (Jon Daniels)
Bookshelf: Books for Christmas (Barnes Tatum)

Reimarus and the Beginning of the Quest (Marcus Borg)
How Jesus Became God (Robert Funk)
Biblical Illiteracy and Faith (Jeanette Johnson)

Volume 3 (1990)

Christ the Man Update (Marcus Borg)
Paul Verhoeven: Film Maker (Donnell Stoneman)
The Art of Translation (Loren Mack-Fisher & Edward Beutner)

Making Enemies (Ron Large)
Fundamentalism Within and Without (Kathleen Norris)
The Art of Translation (Loren Mack-Fisher & Daryl Schmidt)
More on the Canon Question (Robert J. Miller)

Albert Schweitzer’s View on Jesus and the End of the World (Marcus Borg)
Outside the Bible: Can It Be Jesus? (Stephen Patterson)
Understanding the Diverse Dimension of Life and Culture Called Religion (Barnes Tatum)
Early Christian Feminism: The Untold Story (John Dominic Crossan)

In the Heart of America: Redeemer Figures & Mythic Spaces (Robert Funk)
The Treasure in Earthen Vessels (Marcus Borg)
Jesus’ Parables and the Fiction of the Kingdom (Lane McGaughy)

Special Issue: The Gospel of Mark
Contributions by Arthur Dewey, Dennis Duling, Robert Funk, John Kloppenborg, Lane McGaughy, Daryl Schmidt, and Philip Sellew

Gnosticism: The Religion of the Alien God (Charles Hedrick)
Criteria for Determining the Authentic Sayings of Jesus (Robert Funk)
Rudolf Bultmann and Jesus as the Word (Mahlon Smith)
Bookshelf: The Unknown Gospels (Perry Kea)

Volume 2

Out of Print: 2-1


Don’t Look for Jesus on Clouds of Glory (Robert W. Funk)
For Those Who Cast Stones (Mahlon H. Smith)
“Last Temptation” Review (W. Barnes Tatum)
TIME Marches On, Part 2 (Robert W. Funk)

What Jesus Is Emerging? (Robert W. Funk)
Social Facets Toronto Agenda (John H. Elliot)
Brooksfilm Consultation (Marcus J. Borg)
The Grand Photo Project (Richard L. Rohrbaugh)

Volume 1

The Hero of Heartbreak Ridge (Ron Large)
Diamonds in the Dunghill (Loren R. Mack-Fisher)
Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? (Teryne D. Bell)

An Autopsy of an Autopsy: Biblical Literacy among Medical Doctors (Dennis E. Smith)
Pat Robertson’s Founding Fathers (Loren R. Mack-Fisher)
Gems of Allusions: Jesus’ Aphorisms in the Gospel of John (Linda McKinnish Bridges)

The Hitching Post (Robert W. Funk)
Shane: A Western Savior (Ron Large)
Framing the American Hero (Ron Large)
The Tale of Polebridge Press (John L. White)

Out of Print: Issues 1-5 and 1-6