Forum Old Series ran from 1985 to 1994. See an index of articles below.

Volume 1 (1985)


  • An Introduction to the Journal
  • The Issue of Jesus (Robert W. Funk): The opening remarks of Jesus Seminar Chairman Funk, presented at the first meeting held 21–24 March 1985 in Berkeley, California
  • Testing the Waters at the Bay: Questions addressed at the first Jesus Seminar meeting
  • Picking Up the Pieces (Bernard Brandon Scott): The first of the formal reviews of John Dominic Crossan’s book, In Fragments
  • From Aphorism to Sayings Gospel, and from Parable to Narrative Gospel (Werner H. Kelber): The second of the formal reviews of John Dominic Crossan’ s book, In Fragments
  • Charter Fellows: A list of the Charter Fellows of the Jesus Seminar
  • Polling the Pundits (Robert W. Funk):
  • Form and Function (Robert W. Funk): The Jesus Seminar: What it is and how its membership will function


  • Gilgamesh and the Wizard of Oz: The Scholar as Hero (Burton L. Mack)
  • Corresponding Fellows: A list of the Corresponding Fellows of the Jesus Seminar as of 5 September 1985
  • Picking Up the Fragments: From Crossan’s Analysis to Rhetorical Analysis (Vernon K. Robbins): The third formal review of John Dominic Crossan’ s book, In Fragments


  • From Parable to Gospel: Domesticating the Tradition (Robert W. Funk)
  • From Parable to Gospel: Addenda (Jon F. Dechow )
  • Pen Fellows (Robert W. Funk)
  • The Jesus Seminar: A Pronouncement (Charles W. Hedrick)
  • Pragmatic Relations as a Criterion for Authentic Sayings (Vernon K. Robbins)


  • Criteria of Authenticity: The Lucan Beatitudes as a Test Case (M. Eugene Boring)
  • The Reagan Paradigm (David Carter & F. A. Hutchison)
  • Revolutions in the Jesus Tradition: From Bonnie to Dominic (M. Eugene Boring): An autobiographical profile in which the author discusses his background and the influences that shaped his career

Volume 2 (1986)


  • Essaying the Rock: The Authenticity of the Jesus Parable Tradition (Bernard Brandon Scott)
  • Poll on the Parables (Robert w. Funk)


  • Parable and Interpretation in the Gospel of Thomas (Ron Cameron)
  • The Treasure Parable in Matthew and Thomas (Charles W. Hedrick)
  • A Review o f New Gospel Parallels (William G. Doty)
  • WestWord: A Magazine for Epic, Rhetoric and the Bible:
  • Matters of Moment: Inaugural Editorial of the Westword Magazine (Robert W. Funk)
  • The Jesus Seminar and Its Public (Hal Taussig)


  • The Wisdom Sayings of Jesus (Leo G. Perdue)
  • Blessing and Marginality: The ‘Persecution Beatitude’ in Q, Thomas & Early Christianity (John S. Kloppenborg)
  • A Review of Rediscovering Paul (Dennis E. Smith)
  • From Parable to Gospel: A Response Using the Social Sciences (Paul H. Hollenbach)
  • The Power of Language: An Autobiographical Sketch (Leo G. Perdue)
  • A Temperate Case for a Non-Eschatological Jesus (Marcus J. Borg)
  • The Beatitudes and Turn the Other Cheek: Recommendations and Polling (Robert W. Funk)


  • Fred Owens Francis: 7 November 1934–16 December 1984
  • Three Tributes to Fred O. Francis (John S. Lown, Burton L. Mack & J. Paul Sampley)
  • From Audita to Legenda: Oral And Written Miracle Stories (Dennis Ronald MacDonald)
  • The Light and Voice on the Damascus Road (Marvin W. Meyer)
  • The Miraculous in the GrecoRoman Historians (John S. Lown)
  • Miracle Stories in Christian Antiquity: Some Narrative Elements (Susan Marie Praeder)
  • Synoptic Miracle Stories: A Jewish Religious and Social Setting (Colin Brown)
  • Ancient Miracle Stories & Women’s Social World (Antoinette Wire)
  • “Divine Men” and Society (Anitra B. Kolenkow)
  • New Red-Letter Edition of the Five Gospels: Sample Pages

Volume 3 (1987)


  • The Kingdom Sayings in Mark (Burton L. Mack)
  • Kingdom in the Gospel of Thomas (Karen King)
  • Probing the Polling: Jesus Seminar Results on the Kingdom Sayings (James R. Butts)


  • The Cross that Spoke: The Earliest Narrative of the Passion and Resurrection (JohnDominic Crossan)
  • Models and Muddles: Discussions of the Social Facets Seminar (Richard Rohrbaugh)
  • The Way of the Cross: Was There a Pre-Markan Passion Narrative? (John L. White)
  • Kingdom Come, Kingdom Sung: Voices in the Gospels (Bruce Chilton)
  • The Empty Jar (Bernard Brandon Scott)
  • The Jesus Seminar and the Passion Sayings (Marcus J. Borg)
  • Sayings of Jesus: Classification by Source and Authenticity (James R. Butts, Ron Cameron)


  • Scaling the Strongman’s Court (Luke 11:21) (L. Michael White)
  • Narrative Commentaries on the Bible: Context, Roots, and Prospects (Stephen D. Moore)
  • Sayings of the Suffering and Risen Christ: The Quadruple Tradition (Robert Tomson Fortna)
  • The Last Supper Discourse in Luke 22:21–38 (Philip Sellew)
  • Passion Apologetic, the Chreia, and the Narrative (James R. Butts)


  • Binding and Loosing: Matthew 16:19; Matthew 18:18; John 20:23 (Dennis C. Duling)
  • The Buying Power of Two Denarii: A Comment on Luke 10:35 (Douglas E. Oakman)
  • Patronage and Clientism in Early Christian Society: A Short Reading Guide (John H. Elliott)
  • Beware of Leavened Bread: Markan Imagery in the Last Supper (John L. White)

Volume 4 (1988)


  • Patron and Client: The Analogy Behind Synoptic Theology (Bruce J. Malina)
  • The Crucifixion and the Speech of Jesus (Vernon K. Robbins)
  • Seeing is Not Believing: The History of a Beatitude in the Jesus Tradition (Ron Cameron)


  • Pronouncement Stories from a Rhetorical Perspective (Vernon K. Robbins)
  • Lincoln: An American Gospel (R. Alan Culpepper)
  • Religion Newswriters: Finally Getting Some Respect (Benjamin J. Hubbard)
  • The Wild Bunch and Violence in Film (David Carter)


  • A Conflict Approach to Mark 7 (Bruce J. Malina)
  • A Structural Functional Analysis of Mark 7 (John J. Pilch)
  • A Symbolic Approach to Mark 7 (Jerome H. Neyrey)
  • Beelzebul in Mark 3: Dialogue, Story, or Sayings Cluster? (Philip Sellew)
  • Rulers’ Houses, Thieves, and Usurpers: The Beelzebul Pericope (Douglas E. Oakman)
  • Gospel of Mark Parables and Aphorisms (Robert W. Funk)


  • Materials and Methods in Historical Jesus Research (John Dominic Crossan)
  • The Lord’s Prayer (Hal Taussig)
  • The Fear of the Leer: The Evil Eye From the Bible to Li’l Abner (John H. Elliott)
  • Unclean, Common, Polluted, and Taboo: A Short Reading Guide (Jerome H. Neyrey)
  • No Place for a Son of Man (Mahlon H. Smith)
  • Sayings from Q: Parables Round Two (Roy W. Hoover)

Volume 5 (1989)


  • The Violence of American: Typological Revisionism (Charles Mabee)
  • Civil Religion, Military Religion Roman and American (John Helgeland)
  • The Myth of Athur: Updated and Undone (Chris Shea)
  • Myth, Aphorism, and the Christ as Sign (James G. Williams)
  • The Inside is (Not) the Outside: Q 11:39–41 and Thomas 89 (Robert J. Miller)
  • The Dangers of Lying in Bed: Luke 17:34–35 and Parallels (Clayton N. Jefford)
  • Entering the Narrow Door: Matt 7:13–14//Luke 13:22–24 (Rod Parrott)
  • Jesus’ Reply to John: Matt 11:26//Luke 7:18–23 (Walter Wink)


  • Three Tributes to John S. Kloppenborg (Helmut Koester, James M. Robinson, Robert W.Funk)
  • Neither Here Nor There: Between Wisdom and Apocalyptic in Jesus’ Kingdom Sayings(James G. Williams)
  • Unraveling the Jesus Tradition: Criteria and Criticism (Robert W. Funk)
  • Children Sitting in the Agora Q (Luke) 7:31–35 (Wendy J. Cotter)
  • The Q Sayings on Anxiety (Q 12:27) (John S. Kloppenborg)
  • A Prophetic Pronouncement Q 12:42–46 (Arthur J. Dewey)
  • Quibbling Over Serifs: Observations on Matt 5:18/Luke 16:17 (Arthur J. Dewey)
  • Fire and Dissension: Ipsissima Vox Jesu in Q 12:49, 51–53? (Stephen J. Patterson)
  • When ‘Eagles’ Draw Together (Heinz O. Guenther)
  • Putting One’s Hand to the Plow: The Authenticity of Q 9:61–62 (Michael G. Steinhauser)
  • Q1 and the Historical Jesus:  Some Peculiar Sayings (7:33–34; 9:57–58, 59–60; 14:26–27) (Leif E. Vaage)
  • The Lord’s Prayer and Other Items From the Sermon on the Mount (Robert J. Miller)
  • Luke 14:26 and the Question of Authenticity (Robert H. Stein)


  • Postmodern Biblical Criticism (Robert M. Fowler)
  • On Postmodern Biblical Criticism and Exegesis (George Aichele, Jr.) A Response to Robert Fowler
  • Postmodernism and Biblical Studies (Stephen D. Moore) A Response to Robert Fowler
  • Literary Fantasy and the Composition of the Gospels (George Aichele, Jr.)
  • From Syntax to Semantics (Hendrikus Boers) A Review of Robert Funk, The Poetics of Biblical Narrative
  • On Bridges and Abutments (Jerry Camery-Hoggatt) A Review of Robert Funk, The Poetics of Biblical Narrative
  • Discourse of Biblical Narratology (Gary A. Phillips) A Review of Robert Funk, The Poetics of Biblical Narrative
  • Commentary on Biblical Narratives: Changing Paradigms (R. Alan Culpepper)
  • “And an Answer was Heard from the Cross…”: (Arthur J. Dewey) A Response to J. Dominic Crossan


  • Jesus and the Spiral of Violence (Richard A. Horsley)
  • Jesus and the Spiral of Violence (Dennis E. Smith) A Review of Richard A. Horsley
  • Social Theory as Exegetical Tool (Jefferson Powell)
  • W/Riting Black Theology (Thee Smith)
  • A Review of Marcus J. Borg, Jesus: A New Vision (D. Moody Smith)
  • The Synoptic Use of HIT-TIM: An Appeal for a Context-sensitive Translation (Arthur J.Dewey)
  • Scholars Version Sample: Mark 4:35–5:43

Volume 6 (1990)


  • The Jesus Seminar: Voting Records Sorted by Gospel, Chapter, and Verse
  • A Fair Face is Half the Portion: The Lot Saying in Luke 17:28–29 (Heinz O. Guenther)
  • The Sayings on Anxieties: Matt 6:25–34 and Luke 12:22–32 (Michael G. Steinhauser)
  • Kinship is Relative: Mark 3:31–35 and Parallels (Mahlon H. Smith)


  • Against Oaths: Crossan Sayings Parallels 59 (Dennis C. Duling)
  • The Jesus Seminar: Voting Records Sorted by Weighted Average


  • The Sayings of Jesus in Mark 4:21–22, 24b–25 (Michael G. Steinhauser)
  • On Moving Mountains: Mark 11:22b–23/Matt 21:21 and Parallels (Charles W. Hedrick)
  • Salting the Salt: Q 14:34–35 and Mark 9:49–50 (Perry V. Kea)
  • The Jesus Seminar: Voting Records Sorted by Gospels, by Weighted Average
  • The Jesus Seminar: Voting Records Sorted by Grouped Parallels, by Weighted Average

Volume 7 (1991)


  • Neither Passivity nor Violence: Jesus’ Third Way (Matt 5:38–42//Luke 6:29–30) (Walter Wink)
  • Solomon’s Egyptian Horses and Exotic Wives (John Barclay Burns)
  • Forgiving at and Swearing by the Temple (Bruce Chilton)
  • The Jesus Seminar: Voting Records Sorted by Clusters, by Weighted Average
  • The Jesus Seminar: Voting Records Sorted Alphabetically by Title


  • Jesus and Gnosis: The Saying on Hindering Others in Luke 11:52 and Its Parallels(Arland J. Hultgren)
  • The Canon: Adaptable and Stable, Oral and Written (David L. Balch)
  • To Judge the Son of Man: The Synoptic Sayings (Mahlon H. Smith)
  • Here and There: A Response to James G. Williams (David Seeley)
  • Beelzebul Controversy in Mark and Luke: Rhetorical and Social Analysis (Vernon K.Robbins)
  • The Historical Jesus and the Mission Speech in Q 10:2–12 (Willi Braun)
  • The Sexual Politics of Luke’s Mary and Martha Account: An Evaluation of the Historicity of Luke 10:38–42 (Hal Taussig)

Volume 8 (1992)


  • Historical Method and the Deeds of Jesus: The Test Case of the Temple Demonstration(Robert J. Miller)
  • A New Parallels Version of Samuel, Kings, Chronicles (John C. Endres, S.J.)
  • The Gospel of Thomas and the Synoptic Tradition (Stephen J. Patterson)
  • Luke 19:42-44 and Jesus as Prophet (Marcus J. Borg)
  • The Unkindest Cut of All? Matt 19:11–12 (Arthur J. Dewey)
  • The Identity and Significance of the Neaniskos in Mark (Steven R. Johnson)
  • Aphorisms of Jesus in Mark: A Stratigraphic Analysis (Philip Selew)

The Looking Glass: Essays in Honor of Robert W. Funk

  • Greetings to the Honoree (Lane C. McGaughy)
  • Jesus and the Leper (John Dominic Crossan)
  • Matthew’s Parable of the Two Sons (Ron Cameron)
  • Reading Jesus’ Parable of the Talents through Underclass Eyes: Matt 25:14–30 (RobertT. Fortna)
  • A Short History of Parable Interpretation, Part 1 (Lane C. McGaughy)
  • Paul’s Viper Acts 28:36 (Lou H. Silberman)
  • The Narrator’s Strategy in the Scenes of Paul’s Defense (Robert C. Tannehill)
  • God’s Paternity as Root Metaphor in Paul’s Conception of Community (John L. White)
  • Apocalypse and Politics (Adela Yarbro Collins)
  • After the Future: From Mad Max to the Destruction of the Temple (Bernard Brandon Scott)
  • From the Traditional Monomythic Hero to the Contemporary Polymythic Hero/ine (William G. Doty)
  • Publications of Robert W. Funk (John L. White)

Volume 9 (1993)


  • The More Basic Method in the Sociology of Early Christianity (Anthony Blasi)
  • The Cultural Management of Space and Time in the Narrative Gospel of Mark (Peter Staples)
  • The Construction and Social Function of a Counter Cosmos in the Revelation of John(David A. de Silva)
  • Greco-Roman Studies and the Social-Scientific Study of the Bible: A Classified Periodical Bibliography (K. C. Hanson)
  • The Kingdom o f God in the Q Version of the Beelzebul Controversy (Michael Humphries)
  • The Fate of the Notion of Canon in the Electronic Age (Robert M. Fowler)

9,3-4 [Out of Print]

Volume 10 (1994)


  • On the Compositional History of the Gospel of Thomas (Hans Martin Schenke)
  • The Gospel of Thomas and the Case for Jesus as Teacher of Common Wisdom (Hal E. Taussig)
  • Pious Practice and Social Formation in the Gospel of Thomas: Thomas 6, 14, 27, 53,104  (Philip Sellew)
  • Against Anxieties: Thomas 36 and the Historical Jesus (John Dominic Crossan)
  • A Passing Remark: Thomas 42 (Arthur J. Dewey)
  • To Live and Die in Thomas 61 (Sterling Bjorndahl)
  • Drawing a Blank from the Well: Thomas 74 (Robert J. Miller)
  • Bearing the Yoke: A Tradition Of Wisdom Behind Thomas 90 (Clayton N. Jefford)


  • Why Did Christians Say: “God Raised Jesus from the Dead”? (1 Cor 15 and the Origins of the Resurrection Tradition) (Stephen J. Patterson)
  • The Resurrection of Jesus: The Greatest Hoax in History? (Gerd Luedemann)
  • Resurrection Texts in the Gospel of Peter (Arthur J. Dewey)
  • Mark Intimates/Matthew Defends the Resurrection (Robert T. Fortna)
  • Historicizing the Transhistorical: The Transfiguration Narrative (Robert J. Miller)
  • The Resurrection and Historical Evidence: Wolfhart Pannenberg on 1 Cor 15 (W. Barnes Tatum)
  • The Jesus Seminar: Voting Records: The Resurrection Appearances