The Scholars Version is a fresh translation of early Christian texts from the original languages. The translation is meant to produce in the reader an experience comparable to that of the first readers—or listeners—of the original. Unlike other major translations into English, the Scholars Version is being created free of ecclesiastical and religious control.


The Scholars Version of the gospels is the basic English translation found in all Jesus Seminar reports, including The Five Gospels and The Acts of Jesus.

The Complete Gospels contains Scholars Version translations of all known gospels and gospel fragments through 300 C.E.

The Complete Gospel Parallels compares 11 different gospels so the reader gets the complete picture of gospel parallels through 300 C.E.
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The Authentic Letters of Paul

A team of Westar Fellows produced a new translation of the letters of Paul found to be authentic in an attempt to bring Paul’s own voiceprint back to the conversation. The result is The Authentic Letters of Paul, a new translation of the correspondence of Paul from the original Greek.
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Early Christian Apocrypha Series

These non-canonical writings are crucial for determining the complex history of Christian origins.
Acts of Thomas
Acts of Peter
Acts of Andrew
Epistle of the Apostles
Didache: The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles

The Complete Gospels
The Complete Gospel Parallels
The Authentic Letters of Paul

The Acts of Thomas by Harold W. Attridge The Acts of Peter by Robert F. Stoops, Jr. The Acts of Andrew by Dennis R. MacDonald Epistle of the Apostles Didache: The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles