Why Weren't We Told?

A Handbook on 'Progressive' Christianity

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With a Foreword by the Revd Professor Sir Lloyd Geering Rex A. E. Hunt and John W. H. Smith, editors John Bodycomb, Gary D. Bouma, Jim Burklo, Peter Catt, David Clark, John Dominic Crossan, Lloyd Geering, Norman Habel, Roy W. Hoover, Rex A. E. Hunt, Gregory Jenks, Paul Alan Laughlin, Ian Lawton, Nigel Leaves, Margaret Mayman, Michael Morwood, Clay Nelson, Lorraine Parkinson, Fred Plumer, Andrew Pratt, Noel Preston, Keith Rowe, Bruce Sanguin, John Shuck, John W. H. Smith, John Thornley, Deshna Ubeda, James Veitch, Val Webb, Michael Zimmerman Progressive Christianity is not new. It has been around for two hundred years or more. But the anger and disappointment of those who have encountered it only recently is palpable: “Why weren’t we told?” This international collection of cameos and articles on the themes and issues addressed by progressive Christianity is a response to that cry. Contributors include Gary Bouma, Jim Burklo, John Dominic Crossan, Paul Alan Laughlin, Nigel Leaves, Margaret Mayman, Lorraine Parkinson, James Veitch, and Val Webb, to name just a few. Rex Hunt was interviewed by pastor John Shuck on the radio program Religion for Life. Listen to the podcast below: