When Faith Meets Reason

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Religion Scholars Reflect on Their Spiritual Journeys

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Edited by Charles W. Hedrick Preface by Robert W. Funk Walter Wink, James M. Robinson, Charles W. Hedrick, Susan M. (Elli) Elliott, David Galston, Glenna S. Jackson, Paul Alan Laughlin, Nigel Leaves, Darren J. N. Middleton, Robert M. Price, , Mahlon H. Smith, Hal Taussig, Theodore J. Weeden, Sr. What happens to faith when the creeds and confessions can no longer be squared with historical and empirical evidence? At what point does the discrepancy between what I know, or think I know, and what I am willing to say publicly become so acute that my personal integrity is at stake? In the pages of When Faith Meets Reason, thirteen scholars take up the challenge to speak candidly about how they negotiate the conflicting claims of faith and reason, in hopes that their journeys will inspire others to engage in their own search for meaning. Charles W. Hedrick is Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies at Southwest Missouri State University. A retired U.S. Army Reserve Chaplain (Colonel) and Juvenile Probation Officer, Los Angeles County Probation Department; he has served as pastor of churches in Mississippi, California, and New York City. Hedrick was a member of the international team (UNESCO) of scholars who worked for several years in Cairo, Egypt, reconstructing and translating the Nag Hammadi Codices and later excavated at the site of the Nag Hammadi discovery. He is a distinguished author, translator, and teacher in the academic study of religion. He is the author of numerous books and articles.