The Pastorals and Polycarp

Titus, 1–2 Timothy, and Polycarp to the Philippians

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Richard I. Pervo

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The Scholars Bible series, vol. 5. This first-ever gathering of the Pastoral Epistles and Polycarp to the Philippians under a single cover moves beyond debates about Pauline authorship to address second-century themes, such as combining the traditional Roman Household Code with the emerging Church Order, the corrosive effects of greed, and the price worth paying for unity. Includes the Greek texts, Pervo’s dynamic English translations, introductions, notes and index. See inside the book (PDF).Preface Abbreviations Map of Pauline world The Pastorals Introduction Titus: Text, Translation, and Notes 1 Timothy: Text, Translation, and Notes 2 Timothy: Text, Translation, and Notes Introduction Polycarp to the Philippians: Text, Translation, and Notes Cameo Essays Why the “Pastoral Epistles”? The Pauline Letter Catalogues of Vices and Virtues The Structure of 1 Timothy Sound Teaching Piety Church Offices in the Pastoral Epistles Scripture Structure of Polycarp’s Letter Works Consulted Index of Ancient Sources Learn more about author Richard I. Pervo.