Once & Future Jesus

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Featuring Marcus Borg, John Dominic Crossan, Robert W. Funk, Lloyd Geering, Karen King, Gerd Lüdemann, Thomas Sheehan, John Shelby Spong, Walter Wink. The question of the historical Jesus—who he was, what he said, what he did—has been one of the most exciting and controversial developments in all of contemporary religion. Thanks to decades of renewed interest and research, the way we think and talk about Jesus will never be the same. The Once & Future Jesus took that quest to a new level. At this unprecedented gathering, leading thinkers turned their attention from the past to the future and asked: What do new understandings of Jesus mean for the church, the faith, and the world of tomorrow? Their answers can be found in the pages of this book. Robert W. Funk’s The Once and Future Jesus lecture, from the 1999 Westar Fall Meeting.