Jesus Seminar and Its Critics

Recorded on

November 1, 1999


Robert J. Miller

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The pioneering work of The Jesus Seminar has come in for high praise as well as searing denunciation from the press, the clergy, the scholars. Now a veteran member of the Seminar, Robert Miller, examines its agenda and its inner deliberations, dissecting the rationale of the Seminar's historical work and clearly explaining what its findings portend. In The Jesus Seminar and its Critics, Miller sets the record straight where necessary and even highlights the substantial points on which the Seminar and its critics agree. He weighs the major criticisms that have been put to the Seminar and exposes their hidden assumptions. He shows how critics use hostile rhetoric to duck uncomfortable questions that must be squarely faced in any honest assessment of the historicity of the gospels. Introduction: The Jesus Seminar and Me Part One 1. The Jesus Seminar and the Search for Jesus 2. Historical Method and the Historical Jesus 3. Understanding the Findings of the Jesus Seminar Part Two 4. The Jesus Seminar and Its Critics 5. History Is Not Optional 6. The Jesus of Orthodoxy and the Jesuses of the Gospels 7. Can the Historical Jesus Be Made Safe for Orthodoxy? 8. Apologetics and the Resurrection Notes Works Consulted Robert J. Miller is Rosenberger Chair of Christian and Religious Studies at Juniata College in Pennsylvania. A Fellow of the Jesus Seminar since 1986, he was Scholar-in-Residence at Westar Institute in 2001. He is the editor of The Complete Gospel Parallels (2011), The Complete Gospels (4th ed., 2010), an anthology of twenty early gospels presented in Westar’s innovative translation, the Scholars Version, and author of The Jesus Seminar and Its Critics (1999) and Born Divine (2003).