Gospel of Mark

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Daryl D. Schmidt

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For more than a century, the Gospel of Mark has been viewed by scholars as the earliest written gospel and a primary source for Matthew and Luke. Yet it is the least studied of the four New Testament gospels. Daryl Schmidt’s Scholars Bible edition, The Gospel of Mark, is essential reading for students, teachers, ministers—anyone seeking an accessible and in-depth acquaintance with this long neglected gospel. Includes the Greek text, introduction, notes, and cross-references. Daryl D. Schmidt was John F. Weatherly Professor of New Testament at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. A New Testament scholar and specialist in Hellenistic Greek grammar, he was an active Fellow of the Jesus Seminar, serving as the general editor of the Scholars Version translation of the gospels, as coordinator for the translation of the Pauline letters, and as editor for Westar’s academic journal, . Schmidt was a contributor to The Authentic Letters of Paul (2010, with Arthur J. Dewey, Roy W. Hoover, and Lane C. McGaughy) and author of Hellenistic Greek Grammar and Noam Chomsky (1981).