Future of the Christian Tradition

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Robert J. Miller, editor

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Featuring John Shelby Spong, Robert W. Funk, Eugenie Scott, Richard Holloway, Lloyd Geering, Don Cupitt, Anne Primavesi, Joe Bessler-Northcutt, Arthur J. Dewey, Jack A. Hill, Roy W. Hoover, John C. Kelly, Robert J. Miller, Darren J. N. Middleton, Stephen J. Patterson, Robert M. Price, Daryl Schmidt What is the future of the Christian tradition as it confronts the challenges and opportunities of the global age? That question, addressed by authors from around the globe, leads in turn to more questions: What elements of a traditional Christian faith can be carried forward in an authentic contemporary faith: The Bible as Sacred Scripture? Life after death? Sin and guilt? Reward and punishment? How do we make an earth-centered vision the heart of a faith for the second axial age? And many more.