First New Testament

Marcion's Scriptural Canon

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Jason D. BeDuhn

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The earliest version of the New Testament, now in English for the first time! History preserves the name of the person responsible for the first New Testament, the circumstances surrounding his work, and even the date he decided to build a textual foundation for his fledgling Christian community. So why do so few people know about him? Jason BeDuhn introduces Marcion, reconstructs his text, and explores his impact on the study of Luke-Acts, the two-source theory, and the Q hypothesis. Praise for The First New Testament"A comprehensive and impressively documented scholarly study of Marcion's original compilation of sacred scriptures ... an essential contribution to personal and academic Christian Studies collections" —Midwest Book Review"In this bold undertaking, Jason BeDuhn sets forth, for the first time, a complete English translation of the Bible of Marcion. With a useful introduction to all relevant issues, a readable translation of this First New Testament, and copious notes supporting each textual decision, BeDuhn has provided a work of scholarship that is sure to be both welcomed and controversial. For historians of early Christianity, this will be a book to be reckoned with." —Bart D. Ehrman, James A. Gray Professor of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill"Reconstructing the primary material is a painstaking task, and BeDuhn performs admirably on that score. His methodology is cautious, thorough and well-designed, and carefully explained, so that the resulting assessments are reasonable and easily understandable to non-specialists in textual criticism. ... BeDuhn's book is highly recommended." —Biblical Theology BulletinRadio for Life Interview Jason BeDuhn discussed The First New Testament with John Shuck of Religion for Life in February 2014. Jason BeDuhn is Professor of the Comparative Study of Religions at Northern Arizona University, a Guggenheim and National Humanities Center Fellow, and author of The Manichaean Body (2000, winner of the American Academy of Religion Best First Book Award), Truth in TranslationAugustine’s Manichaean Dilemma (vol. 1 2010, vol. 2 2013), and The First New Testament: Marcion’s Scriptural Canon (2013).