Complete Gospels

Annotated Scholars Version 4th edition

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Robert J. Miller

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Revised and expanded By Robert J. Miller, editor. The Complete Gospels is the first publication to collect the canonical gospels and their extracanonical counterparts, from the first and second centuries, under a single cover. These extracanonical gospels are independent of the canon, and significantly contribute to our understanding of the developments in the Jesus tradition leading up to and surrounding the New Testament. Each chapter comprises: an updated translation of the gospel an introduction that sets the text in its ancient and historical contexts and discusses the overall structure and central themes notes that explain important translation issues, supply necessary background information, offer guidance to difficult passages, and honestly indicate problems in the text or in our understanding of them cross references to parallel passages, intratextual indicators, and thematic parallels so the reader can see how the individual passages of a gospel fit into the rich tapestry of Jewish and early Christian texts This volume is the premier publication of the Scholars Version translation of the gospels—a fresh translation from the original languages into living American English that is entirely free of ecclesiastical control. The Scholars Version intentionally drops the pretense that academics have all the answers. It strives to avoid both talking down and over the heads of readers. The goal is to make these fascinating texts intelligible and inviting to all who want to study them.