Church's Seven Deadly Secrets

Identity Theft from Within

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Paul H. Jones

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There is a strange silence in churches about biblical and theological scholarship. A huge knowledge gap exists between the pulpit and the pew. Consequently, many Christians cannot reconcile their belief system with modernity. Paul Jones explores seven secrets that jeopardize the nature and purpose of the church. These secrets, he asserts, must be exposed to restore the church to vigor and vitality. Abbreviations Acknowledgments Introduction1. There Is No Meaning without Context 2. Faith Means Trust, Not Belief 3. The Bible Is Not the Word of God; Jesus Is 4. Jesus Was a Jew, Not a Christian 5. Read the Bible Critically, Not Literally 6. Jesus' Miracles Are Prologue, Not Proof 7. My Religion and God Are ViolentPostscript: Identity Formation from Within Notes Bibliography IndexPraise for The Church's Seven Deadly Secrets“A poignant critique of caricatures of the gospel and church that operate both inside of the church and outside of it.” — Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary“The Church’s Seven Deadly Secrets offers thoughtful laypersons and pastors, as well as college students, a theological and historical context for engaging the basic doctrines, traditions and practices of the Christian church.” — A. Guy Waldrop, Director for the Council of Colleges and Universities of the Christian ChurchPaul H. Jones (PhD Vanderbilt) is Professor of Religion at Transylvania University. He has authored several other books, including The Structure of Religion: Judaism and Christianity with William J. Leffler (2005) and 500 Illustrations: Stories from Life for Preaching and Teaching with G. Curtis Jones (1998).