Stones & Bones

A Child's Guide to Evolution

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Char Matejovsky

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Words by Char Matejovsky Illustrated by Robaire Ream Described by as “appealing to both the eyes and the ears of younger readers” and by Midwest Book Review as "the most witty, accurate, scientific, succinct, intriguing treatment of a summary of human and life evolution over 60+ million years," Stones & Bones sketches the story of evolution in seventeen verses. Through words and illustrations readers will find answers to questions such as, when did the Age of Mammals begin and what is it called? When did the first horses appear on earth? The first whales? When did the earth begin to form? And many more. Includes a CD of the Stones & Bones Song and a bonus recording of The Song of the Meadowlark, recipient of an award for Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting (lyrics) from the Great American Song Contest in 2004. Performed by the Santa Rosa Children's Chorus. From the pages of Stones & Bones: "About sixty million years ago; no, make that sixty five, with the; Cenozoic Age; the age of mammals would arrive ..." "Evolution's the solution to the data that we find, when we study bones and fossils and we keep an open mind ..." Char Matejovsky is Managing Editor for books and journals at Polebridge Press and Westar Institute. A veteran editor, typesetter, and book designer, she earned a B.A from the University of Montana and a French Language Certificate from the Sorbonne. Robaire Ream has more than 30 years of graphic design and production experience, with a diverse graphic design résumé that includes work as a stained glass window designer, art instructor, and prop and background designer for Warner Bros. Animation. He has a graphic arts certificate from Ecole Sornas, France, and studied graphic design at California State University Northridge.