Spring 2021 Seminar Meeting Recordings - Christianity Seminar Phase II

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March 20, 2021


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March 19-20, 2021 March 20 Panel Discussion Featuring Ally Kateusz, Zsuzsanna Gulácsi, and Jodi Magness 90 minutes hosted by Nina Livesey March 19 Session 1 Ally Kateusz presents remarkable information on The Therapeutai and Beyond 90 minutes with Q and A March 19 Session 2 Zsuzsanna Gulácsi offers insight and stimulating commentary on The Life of Christ in Pictures 90 minutes with Q and A Free Bonus Session Brandon Scott, Hal Taussig, and Erin Vearncombe discuss the upcoming publication of After Jesus, Before Christianity. Erin leads the discussion among the three editors of this significant and widely anticipated volume, 90 minutes.