Listening to the Parables of Jesus

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Edward F. Beutner

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Edward F. Beutner, Robert W. Funk, Lane C. McGaughy, Robert J. Miller, Bernard Brandon Scott, Paul Verhoeven Jesus Seminar Guides, vol. 2 “What if the purpose or function of a parable is not to instruct but to haunt?” So begins Listening to the Parables of Jesus, edited by Edward F. Beutner, who suggests that, from time to time, even scholars scratch their heads in puzzlement over the yin and yang of Jesus' parables. According to Robert Funk, Jesus’ parables are knotholes in the cosmic fence through which we glimpse the world as Jesus saw it. In Listening to the Parables of Jesus, leading scholars of the parables help readers find the knotholes. The rest is up to them. Edward F. Beutner was a poet and member of the Scholars Version translation committee who specialized in the rhetorical analysis and translation of the parables, aphorisms, and other metaphorical language found in New Testament texts. He taught comparative religion at Nicolet College in Wisconsin; and biblical studies, philosophy and literature at Ohlone College, Las Positas College, and at Santa Rosa Junior College in northern California. He was a regular contributor of articles for The Fourth R.