Jesus the Man

An Introduction for People at Home in the Modern World

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Marvin F. Cain

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Jesus the Man: An Introduction for People at Home in the Modern World Can scientifically-minded people understand Jesus in a way that does not require them to sacrifice their intellect for their religion? Using modern historical scholarship, the results of archaeology, and tools provided by other scholarly disciplines, Marvin Cain combines the skills of a university religion professor and an electrical engineer to set forth a straightforward and objective portrait of Jesus as a first-century man. In Jesus the Man, he describes the historical and political world of Jesus, his family, his teaching, his healing, and his suffering and death. Initially conceived for an audience of scientists and engineers, Jesus the Man will appeal to anyone at home in the modern world. A former Lutheran pastor with a Ph.D. in religion from Duke University, Marvin Cain was Executive Director of the Mid-Columbia Center for Theological Studies, a lay school of theology that he founded in 1993. He taught religion at California Lutheran and Arizona State universities. He was also a registered electrical engineer with experience in aerospace, electronic design, and in construction and operation of nuclear and hydroelectric power plants. After retirement, he devoted much of his time and energy to bridging the gap between science and religion.