Jesus and His Kingdom of Equals

An Interdenominational Curriculum for 4th–7th Grades on the Life and Teachings of Jesus

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Cheryl Gibbs Binkley & Jane Mitchell McKeel

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Jesus and his Kingdom of Equals introduces students to an interpretation of the historical Jesus based on contemporary biblical research, principally from the Jesus Seminar. In thirty-three weekly lessons students experience an unfolding narrative of a Jewish reformer who saw through the hypocrisy and elitism of first-century Roman Palestine. This itinerant sage brought a message of affirmation and egalitarianism to oppressed and powerless Galileans and described a kingdom of love, not in the future but already present in the hearts of people. Drama, simulations, crafts including clay and weaving, songs, social service initiatives, and other creative hands-on activities reinforce values concerning such teachings as respect for all, sharing worldly goods, conflict resolution, friendship, and forgiveness.