Impossible Loves

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Don Cupitt

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Back when belief in predestination was powerful, there was only one way life could go. Today we have a stronger sense of contingency and find ourselves clinging to lost loves, missed opportunities, and other lives we might have lived. The impossible, says Cupitt, has replaced the supernatural in our thinking. In Impossible Loves, he examines the role that may be played in our lives by various impossible loves, whether for non-existent objects, unavailable persons, or unattainable ideals. He sees the task of religion today as being to help us to say Amen to our own contingent lives, however they happen to turn out. Cupitt guides us through this process like no one else can. Don Cupitt is a former Dean of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where he lectured for nearly thirty years in the Faculty of Divinity. An ordained priest in the Church of England and a frequent broadcaster, mainly for the BBC, he has made three TV Series, one of which, “The Sea of Faith” (1984), gave rise to an international network of radical Christians. Cupitt's many books include A New Great Story (2010) and Above Us Only Sky (2008).