Gospels, Jesus, and Christian Origins

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William O. Walker, Jr.

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Representing five decades of research on the gospels, Jesus, and Christian origins, this collection of historical-critical essays explores topics such as demythologizing, “son of man,” and the synoptic problem, to name just a few. Includes a critical analysis of ways in which scholars have attempted to recover the historical Jesus. Part One: Methodological IssuesChapter 1: The Quest for the Historical Jesus: A Discussion of Methodology Chapter 2: The Kingdom of the Son of Man and the Kingdom of the Father in Matthew: An Exercise in Chapter 3: A Method for Identifying Redactional Passages in Matthew on Functional and Linguistic Grounds Chapter 4: The Lukan Nativity Story and Isaiah 7:14: Some Additional Evidence for Intertextuality Chapter 5: Demythologizing and ChristologyPart Two: Relationships among the Canonical GospelsChapter 6: An Unexamined Presupposition in Studies of the Synoptic Problem Chapter 7: “Nazareth”: A Clue to Synoptic Relationships? Chapter 8: Martha and Mary in the Third and Fourth Gospels: An Exercise in Source Criticism Chapter 9: The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew and in JohnPart Three: The Son of Man Chapter 10: The Origin of the Son of Man Concept as Applied to Jesus Chapter 11: The Son of Man: Some Recent Developments Chapter 12: The Son of Man Question and the Synoptic Problem Chapter 13: John 1:43-51 and “The Son of Man” in the Fourth GospelPart Four: Special Topics in the GospelsChapter 14: Κύριος and ’Επιστάτης as Translations of Chapter 15: Jesus and the Tax CollectorsPart Four: Post-Crucifixion Appearances, Christian Origins, and Resurrection FaithChapter 16: Post-Crucifixion Appearances and Christian Origins Chapter 17: Christian Origins and Resurrection Faith Bibliography Index of Modern Authors William O. Walker, Jr. (Ph.D., Duke University) is the Jennie Farris Railey King Professor Emeritus of Religion at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. He has served as author, co-author, editor, associate editor, or assistant editor of a number of books, including Paul and His Legacy (2014), Interpolations in the Pauline Letters (2001) and The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (1996). He has also published more than sixty articles on New Testament topics. He is a member of Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas, the Society of Biblical Literature, the Catholic Biblical Association of America, and the Westar Institute’s Acts Seminar.