God’s Human Future

The Struggle to Define Theology Today

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David Galston

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God and Human Future series, vol. 2 by David Galston The “death of God” movement famously declared that belief in the God of Christian tradition is meaningless in the modern world. Does this herald the death of theology, too? No, suggests Galston. At its best, theology is the place where tradition pushes itself to the limits of its own thought. Problems arise when theology holds onto an old version of God, emphasizing a closed approach to religion. How can communities foster a more open-minded and flexible approach to theology? How can theologians respond to the pressing concerns of modern culture sensitively and intelligently without clinging to outdated metaphors for God? Marking key features and turning points in Western theology, Galston combines expertise in the philosophy of religion with practical experience as a facilitator in a wisdom-based community, to guide readers through questions surrounding the future of religion. See inside the book. Learn more about author David Galston //