From the Big Bang to God

Our Awe-Inspiring Journey of Evolution

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Lloyd Geering

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Until two hundred years ago, most people in the Western world believed that earth and sky were no more than six thousand years old. Then science brought that date into question. In the pages of From the Big Bang to God, Geering simply and concisely tells the story of evolution and traces the rise and fall of God as a human response to discoveries about the universe. Ashton Wylie book award winners Wiremu Nia Nia, David Epston, Sir Lloyd Geering, Allister Bush (Credit: Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust). In August 2014 From the Big Bang to God was selected as the winner of the Ashton Wylie book award. Convener of judges, Bob Ross, described the book as well researched and presented. "This is a giant of a book in terms of depth of understanding and execution from one of New Zealand’s greatest theological thinkers. It presents a clear analysis of the evolution of the universe, life and humanity." Radio for Life Interview Lloyd Geering discussed From the Big Bang to God in a two-part interview with pastor John Shuck on the radio program Radio for Life in June 2013. Radio New Zealand Interview Lloyd Geering discussed From the Big Bang to God on Radio New Zealand in July 2013.