Ethics in the Last Days of Humanity

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Don Cupitt

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Ethics in the Last Days of Humanity is not about the science of global warming so much as the absence of a serious ethical and religious response to it. When all existing ‘reality’ breaks down, ethics can no longer be based on nature or religious law. Cupitt advocates an alternative inspired by the historical Jesus. Introduction: Predictions and Prophecies of Doom 1. Self-Critical Religion Becomes Philosophy of Life 2. When a World Ends, the Old Morality Breaks Down 3. Eschatological Humanism: The Revelation of Man at the End of History 4. The Second Adam 5. Eschatologies, Ancient and Modern 6. On Not Going Anywhere: Learning to Live without Any Supporting Narrative 7. The Coherence of Life and Culture 8. After Humanity 9. Eschatology, Globalized and Personalized 10. Beliefs and Identities 11. Philosophy at the End of the World 12. Our Fall into Environmental Crisis—and Our Redemption Notes Index Don Cupitt is a Life Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge UK—John Harvard’s college. As an undergraduate he studied successively natural sciences, theology and philosophy. He was ordained to the Anglican priesthood in 1960, but in 1962 he returned to Cambridge to teach and, since then, has stayed put. A frequent broadcaster, mainly for the BBC, he has made three TV Series, one of which, "The Sea of Faith," (1984), also gave rise to a book and to an international network of radical Christians which is still growing. He is the author of more than fifty books, including Creative Faith (2015), Jesus and Philosophy (2009), and Above Us Only Sky (2008).