Embracing the Human Jesus

A Wisdom Path for Contemporary Christianity

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David Galston

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Embracing the Human Jesus is a sincere effort to think anew about Christianity and Christian practice on the foundation of a purely human Jesus. Galston points out that, whether taking the apocalyptic or non-apocalyptic view, virtually all scholars see Jesus as a participant in the Jewish wisdom tradition. On this often marginalized foundation, Galston proposes that the trajectory of the ancient wisdom of Jesus can be grasped in the contemporary world and can find life in the thinking and practices of a new church.Includes sample liturgy, hymns, and other helpful reflections from a real community attempting to follow the wisdom path of a purely human Jesus. Author Interview David Galston was interviewed about Embracing the Human Jesus on the radio program Religion for Life. Listen to the free podcast below: Introduction 1. Why the Historical Jesus Is the New Path 2. Biblical Criticism Comes of Age 3. The Jesus Voiceprint 4. Unhearing the Apocalypse 5. Life Practices and Schools in Antiquity 6. Life Philosophy in the World of Parable 7. The Church of the Historical Jesus 8. Theological Challenges after the Historical Jesus 9. Is It Still Christianity? Appendix 1: The Original Q Sayings Gospel Appendix 2: Illustrated Layers of the Q Gospel Appendix 3: Liturgy in the Key of Q Learn more about authorDavid Galston.