A New Great Story

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Don Cupitt

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“In this book I aim to set before the general reader a fully modern alternative to the traditional Grand Narrative theology of Latin, or Western, Christianity.” So begins A New Great Story. Christianity’s classic “plan of salvation”—its so-called grand narrative—was a vast myth of cosmic Creation, Fall and Redemption. Earth-centered and supernaturalist, it was fatally damaged by Galileo and later astronomers, and by historians of human origins. Don Cupitt rewrites that traditional narrative as a new story of how religion called us out of nature and gradually made us ourselves—social beings in an ordered world, language-using and self-aware. Don Cupitt is a Life Fellow and former Dean of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He was born in 1934 at Oldham, England, and educated at Charterhouse and Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where he studied Natural Sciences, Theology and the Philosophy of Religion. He was ordained in the Church of England in 1959. From 1962-1965, he was Vice-Principal of Westcott House, an Anglican theological college in Cambridge, and became Dean of Emmanuel College in 1966. From 1968 to 1996 he also lectured in the Cambridge Faculty of Divinity.