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Lyn Pickhover

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Background: Bachelor of Arts from Wheaton College (Norton MA), Departmental Honors for thesis “The Concept of Peace in the Late Roman Republic”; Juris Doctor from New England School of Law; retiring Attorney at Law. Currently Deacon, Historian, and facilitator of “Bible Conversation” at the Franklin Federated Church, Franklin, Massachusetts.


Lyn grew up in the Federated Church when the Baptists (ABC) and Congregationalists (now UCC) were learning to live together as one church, and she learned there to value diversity and cooperation in a faith community. Her interest in Biblical history was piqued in college when she acquired a copy of the newly translated Gospel of Thomas and first learned about other communities such as the so-called Gnostics. As she winds down a 40-year career as a lawyer focused on child protective work, she is part of her church’s Social Justice Team and strives to share with others the knowledge she has learned through Westar. Lyn has four daughters, six grandchildren and a number of great-grandchildren (some biological, some by marriage, and some “just part of the family”).

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