Cupitt-DonLife Fellow and former Dean of Emmanuel College
Cambridge, England

Don Cupitt is a Life Fellow and former Dean of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He was born in 1934 at Oldham, England, and educated at Charterhouse and Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where he studied Natural Sciences, Theology and the Philosophy of Religion. He was ordained in the Church of England in 1959. From 1962-1965, he was Vice-Principal of Westcott House, an Anglican theological college in Cambridge, and became Dean of Emmanuel College in 1966. From 1968 to 1996 he also lectured in the Cambridge Faculty of Divinity.

Don Cupitt is best known as a teacher and writer. He is often described as a “radical theologian,” or as “a liberal religious thinker.” Philosophically, he is a stalwart non-realist. Most of his books belong to a single series of twenty-three titles that reflect the development of his thinking, from Taking Leave of God (1980) to Emptiness and Brightness (2002). A frequent broadcaster, mainly for the BBC, he has made three TV Series, one of which, “The Sea of Faith,” (1984), also gave rise to a book and to an international network of radical Christians which is still growing. In his writing, and in the various societies he has tried to foster, Don Cupitt attempts to develop new thinking for a new epoch: a new philosophy, a new ethics, and a new religious thought.

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Books by Don Cupitt

  • Ethics in the Last Days of Humanity, 2015
  • Creative Faith, 2015
  • The Last Testament, 2012
  • Theology’s Strange Return, 2010
  • The Fountain, 2010
  • Jesus and Philosophy, 2009
  • The Meaning of the West, 2008
  • Above Us Only Sky, 2008
  • Radical Theology,2006
  • The Great Questions of Life,2005
  • Way to Happiness, 2005
  • Life, Life,2003
  • Is Nothing Sacred? The Non-Realist Philosophy of Religion: Selected Essays, 2002
  • Emptiness and Brightness, 2001
  • Reforming Christianity, 2001
  • Christ and the Hiddenness of God, 1971
  • Crisis of Moral Authority, 1972
  • The Leap of Reason, 1976
  • The Worlds of Science and Religion, 1976
  • Who Was Jesus? (with Peter Armstrong), 1977
  • Explorations in Theology, 1979
  • The Nature of Man, 1979
  • The Debate about Christ, 1979
  • Jesus and the Gospel of God, 1979
  • Taking Leave of God, 1980
  • The World to Come, 1982
  • The Sea of Faith,1984, second edition revised, 1994
  • Only Human, 1985
  • Life Lines, 1986
  • The Long Legged Fly, 1987
  • The New Christian Ethics, 1988
  • Radicals and the Future of the Church, 1989
  • Creation out of Nothing, 1990
  • What is a Story? 1991
  • The Time Being, 1992
  • Rethinking Religion, 1992
  • After All, 1994
  • The Last Philosophy, 1995
  • Solar Ethics, 1995
  • After God, 1997
  • Mysticism After Modernity, 1997
  • The Religion of Being, 1998
  • The Revelation of Being, 1998
  • The New Religion in Everyday Speech, 1999
  • The Meaning of It All in Everyday Speech, 1999
  • Kingdom Come in Everyday Speech, 2000
  • Philosophy’s Own Religion, 2000
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