Westar members chose their top membership benefits in a recent survey.

  • Receiving The Fourth R, Westar’s bimonthly magazine (nearly 80% of respondents)
  • Supporting Westar’s work and mission (73%)
  • Being part of a community with similar interests (57%)
  • Access to scholars (37%)

Other popular benefits:

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Here’s what members are saying:

[testimonial_set] [testimonial client=""]Westar provides a valuable, supportive role in our search for spiritual direction in our lives.[/testimonial] [testimonial client=""]Your work is so stimulating and engaging; you feed my enthusiasm for understanding and help me figure out what I believe and why.[/testimonial] [testimonial client=""]The books and articles have made me feel  that I am not alone in my changing beliefs.[/testimonial] [testimonial client=""]It continually challenges me both intellectually and spiritually. This keeps me up to date on some of the latest scholarship and helps me to update my theology.[/testimonial] [testimonial client=""]I really appreciate the organization and believe it is making a big difference in the way many people including myself understand God and Jesus.[/testimonial] [testimonial client=""]I facilitate a discussion group dedicated to understanding the work of the Seminar scholars and appreciate the work of Westar in bringing the scholars to us. … Appreciate Polebridge Press and order frequently. Thank-you for the resources.[/testimonial] [testimonial client=""]I was thrilled to discover Westar. I felt very alone in my personal quest for the historical Jesus, and it was very affirming to find out that there was an organization dedicated to that mission. It has been great attending meetings, absorbing the scholarship and meeting like-minded people.[/testimonial] [testimonial client=""]The best part of Westar and the Jesus Seminar was to provide me with information to guide my journey from fundamentalism to progressive return to a ‘follower of the way of Jesus of Nazareth’.[/testimonial] [testimonial client=""]Very much helped me see that I could be a Christian with intellectual integrity.  Showed that I was not alone in questioning, and that there were good answers worth considering to some of my most vexing questions.  Showed that the traditional versions of ‘parish’ Christianity (aka Sunday School Christianity) were not the only acceptable versions.[/testimonial] [testimonial client=""]I have had a changing and evolving Higher Power for many years now.  I feel somehow comforted by the scholarship of Westar and feel like I am not alone in my journey for knowledge and understanding.  I like the diversity of Westar topics and I like being part of a group of people who do not close their eyes to the truth, whatever that may be.[/testimonial] [/testimonial_set]