Westar Associates are a vibrant community with an interest in the scholarship of religion and a willingness to engage in civil discourse about important religious issues, past and present.

Membership is open to anyone—there are no academic or creedal requirements for Associate membership. Westar is not affiliated with any religious institution and does not advocate a particular theological point of view. Westar Associates come from a wide range of professions and religious backgrounds. Read more about Westar members from a recent survey.

Westar Associates can stay abreast of the latest scholarship about religion and interact with the scholars themselves as participants in workshops and lectures, observers of collaborative research projects, and through the pages of The Fourth R magazine.

Benefits of Membership

If you're like many Westar members, you want to understand religion - its history, its role in the world today, and its role in your life and your community. That's why Westar provides resources specifically for members. We want to help you find whatever information about religion is important to you.

The Fourth R magazine

Six print issues/year

Westar’s popular bimonthly magazine features the latest thinking from religion scholars and writers—in clear language for a general, non-specialist audience.

Meetings and Programs

Attend regional Jesus Seminar on the Road programs, participate in workshops at twice-yearly national meetings, observe scholars’ deliberations and discussion of collaborative research projects, and weigh in on the issues by voting at select meetings.


Meet like-minded seekers, ask questions, and informally discuss ideas and issues with Fellows and Associates at regional and national meetings, as well as via social media like Facebook and Twitter.


Get a 20% discount on Polebridge Press books and other media, and discounted registration rates for twice-yearly national meetings

(Westar) has placed me in contact with like-minded people. Being in this community is, in itself, a spiritual experience. It has helped me feel comfortable asking and pursuing answers to questions I have asked since my adolescence.
Westar members say...
Your work is so stimulating and engaging; you feed my enthusiasm for understanding and help me figure out what I believe and why.
Westar members say...
It continually challenges me both intellectually and spiritually. This keeps me up to date on some of the latest scholarship and helps me to update my theology.
Westar members say...