Your gift supports Westar’s programs and operations, including:

  • Twice-yearly national meetings
    • Meeting space, sound, speaker travel and honoraria, catering, promotion, printed materials
  • Jesus Seminars on the Road (20-25 regional meetings per year around North America)
    • Speaker travel and honoraria, promotion
  • The Fourth R magazine
    • Editing, designing, printing, and mailing 6 issues per year
  • Forum academic journal
    • Editing, designing, and electronically posting 2 issues per year
  • Polebridge Press books
    • Acquiring, editing, designing, printing, and promoting 7-10 books per year
  • Communications
    • Maintaining website, mailings, e-mail, and social media outreach
  • Administration
    • Accounting, membership program, event planning and management
  • Staff salaries and benefits

*Proceeds from event fees and publications also support the activities listed above.

This list provides an overview of what your gift supports. To learn more about why these activities matter, read about Westar's mission: advancing religious literacy. Westar is not affiliated with any religious institution and does not advocate a particular point of view. All serious questions about religion are welcome.