Westar Conference 2024 - Confronting Christian Nationalism

May 23, 2024
May 25, 2024

About the Event

May 23, 2024
The Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah
  1. The hotel price? Is it a good rate?
    The rate is all inclusive (tax and surcharges). It is the best rate available.
  2. Four nights, three nights, two nights, one? What days are these?
    Four nights are the entire conference (May 23-25), arriving on Wednesday and leaving Sunday.
    Three nights are arriving Thursday and leaving Sunday. Arrive early for whole conference (or not).
    Two night are arriving Friday and leaving Sunday. You will miss some seminars but can hear Dominic.
    One night is Saturday night only. You can enjoy some Westar activities and attend the banquet.

Speaking Up and Speaking Out in Religious Scholarship Today

New members, old members, and interested explorers, join us in Salt Lake City to uncover ancient wisdom and recent scholarly pearls as we seek to confront Christian nationalism.

Westar is scholarship in public for the public, and there is no greater public issue today than the rise of White Christian nationalism in the USA and beyond. We need to examine this issue, learn how it is unrelated to the historical Jesus and Paul, and how it portends a cultural crisis, not a promise, both for our collective future and the future of our planet.

Join us for an important three days in May. Featured speakers Drs. Liz Theoharis and John Dominic Crossan will center this gathering filled with learning opportunities and friendships.

Conference Schedule

*A Call for papers has been issued for Friday and Saturday sessions (the topics in bold). There is no telling where the scholarship will lead!

  1. The "Fishbowl" is a session where scholars are in the hot-seat for Q and A.
  2. This event requires a separate registration.
  3. Featuring Westar scholars to sign a book or answer questions.


The Rev. Liz Theoharis
John Dominic Crossan
dont miss

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