Brinkerhoff Becki

Becki Brinkerhoff – Westar Associate

[Giving to Westar] made sense to me because I was more in sync with what I was learning at their meetings than what I was hearing when I went to church. My money followed my interest, and I was pleased to be part of what was happening at Westar."

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Jon Dechow – Westar Fellow

I appreciate the work of Westar in sharing with the public the results of modern Biblical scholarship. Biblical literacy is important. … It means a lot to us.”

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Glenn Downing – Westar Associate

I was totally taken with the collegial approach to scholarly issues. It was part of a long quest for me for religious and ethical values and I had found a home. Westar has become my church.”

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Roy Hoover

Roy Hoover – Westar Fellow

We have an ethical obligation as scholars of the New Testament to do what we can to share with people what we have learned about the history of the Christian tradition, and how such knowledge can inform our interest in living the good life—life according to the good—today."

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Rod Mackenzie – Westar Associate

It is spiritually enlivening for me. … We believe in its mission. It’s very important that Westar succeed.

Ruth Flucke – Westar Associate

Westar has been liberating for me. It has enriched my religious life.

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Doyne Mraz – Westar Associate

For the unassuming professor, the role of philanthropist is just one more in a life filled with many. “It just seemed the appropriate thing to do.”

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Rod Rippel, Westar Associate

As a ‘wannabe’ scholar/theologian who got derailed into chemical engineering, Westar has given me a way to indulge a life-long interest. … Attendance at the Westar meetings has become a primary form of spiritual nurture for me.”

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John Rowley – Westar Associate

I was so pleased to discover Westar, and I was enjoying my participation so much that I wanted to do something that might ensure its future. Westar is important to me. The gift made sense.”

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Brandon Scott

Brandon Scott – Westar Fellow

We have people making public policy pronouncements … citing biblical sources that are plainly wrong and terribly misleading. That’s why reaching out to people through our Jesus Seminars on the Road is so important. This is a very effective way of getting new scholarship into the churches.”

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Andy Scrimegeour - Westar Fellow

Who would have thought that one day I would be writing the biography and chairing the organization [Bob Funk] founded! Life certainly takes strange and fortuitous turns.”

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Short Mike & Linda

Mike and Linda Short – Westar Associates

Westar is not a church, but it is what we have dedicated our lives and resources to. It means a great deal to us.”

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Don Smith

Don Smith – Westar Associate

Christianity can be a powerful force for good, but bad religion can be worse than no religion at all. Westar is completely relevant to this struggle, and that is why I think it is so important.”

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Mary A. Tumpkin, Westar Associate

I give because I want to see Westar not only survive, but get even better. … You have got to put your money into something you believe in, and I very much believe in Westar.”

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Maurey and Barbara Yackel, Westar Associates

I encourage my students to give to those organizations that enlighten them spiritually and intellectually. For us, Westar embodies that ethic. We give whenever we can. … We want to make a difference.”

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