Westar Institute invites members of the general public into conversation with scholars of religion at national and regional events throughout the year. These events provide opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds and interests to discuss questions that matter with Westar scholars.

Calendar of events

National Meetings

Westar holds two national meetings a year. The spring meeting features public lectures and the work of Westar's academic seminars. In the fall, Westar focuses specifically on public lectures and learning opportunities. These meetings are always open to the general public and both feature workshops and lectures for non-specialists.
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Regional Programs: Jesus Seminars on the Road

Each year, Westar holds approximately 20 regional programs called Jesus Seminars on the Road (JSOR). These are normally Friday evening and Saturday events. Led by Westar Fellows, these programs are designed to help non-specialists develop skills in religious literacy pertaining to contemporary scholarly questions and issues.
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Help with Westar Events

Do you wish to help support Westar's mission of religious literacy? Why not inquire about or sponsor a Westar events in your neighborhood? You can help a school, library, university, community organization, or church host an event in your area. Get in touch with Westar; let us know you're interested in supporting religious literacy.