Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

M.Div., Duke University

A.M., Duke University

Brandy Daniels

Post-Doctoral College Fellow and Lecturer, New College Curriculum Engagements Program

Faculty Fellow-in-Residence, University of Virginia

Brandy Daniels is a Postdoctoral College Fellow and Lecturer with the Engagements Program of the New College Curriculum, where she teaches interdisciplinary core classes that explore questions of difference and ethics, and is one of the Faculty Fellows in Residence at UVA's Brown College. Standing at the intersections of constructive and political theologies, social ethics, and feminist and queer theories, her scholarship explores the place of difference within communal identity and belonging, focusing on gender and sexual difference in religious thought and practice. Brandy has published on topics ranging from Bonhoeffer and Foucault on racial identity, to poststructuralism and liberation theology, to Eastern Orthodox apophatic theology and Lacanian psychoanalytic theory. Her current research project, a book manuscript entitled Who is the “We?” explores the ways in which accounts and practices of formation in modern Christianity, particularly within feminist theologies, impact gender and sexual difference.