What Westar means to members and friends of the organization differs from person to person. Westar members and friends commented on the role Westar has played in their lives in a recent membership survey.

[testimonial client=""]The focus of a scholarly group on the honest history of Christianity and religion has offered a voice of reason in my wilderness of questions and doubts. The impact of Westar/Jesus Seminar scholars to the broad, cultural understanding of Christianity has impacted our society, though it is often hard to see it in the midst of evangelical mega-churches, televangelists, and supposed moral majorities. But the voice cries out to all who are searching for a more meaningful faith.[/testimonial] [testimonial client=""]Westar is the voice of reason amongst the current Christian cacophony of theological salesmanship. It provides an intellectual foundation to evaluate traditional Christian theology and doctrine and the role of the church in Western Civilization. I am thankful for the spiritual nourishment Westar was provided in the vast wasteland of the contemporary shouting of Christian orthodoxy. There are precious few other resources for the interested layman.[/testimonial] [testimonial client=""][I have gotten] TOTAL INSPIRATION from the meetings, speakers, scholars, personnel in the organization. I find that Westar … feeds my 'left brain'. At times I find my emotional and spiritual experience being fed as a result of this … and it is profound … although I realize that the organization focuses on academics. I am from Santa Rosa and have been surprised at the few religious leaders who attended the locally held meetings. I personally find that what I have gotten from Westar is fantastic and has contributed to my spiritual journey even though there is the definite focus on 'academics'.[/testimonial] [testimonial client=""]Westar has let me know that I am not alone in my struggle to understand how I reconcile my understanding of the world and science with religion. Additionally, how the traditional church can be more relevant in the 21st century.[/testimonial] [testimonial client=""]It has opened my mind, my heart, my soul to look for the ‘Spirit’ in all humanity!  It is difficult to expound on the change, it has been so great!  I see god as the spirit of compassion within me and everyone else.  Westar has opened my mind to feeling that Jesus of Nazareth was a great man who cared so much for his Jewish people that he was willing to jeopardize his life to fight the upper levels of the Hebrews to bring them back to being concerned for the ‘people's well being.’… Keep up the good work.  I love the organization and the chance to meet and talk with great scholars.  Thank you so much for what you do.[/testimonial] [testimonial client=""]It has become my spiritual ‘home’ much more than any local church that I still occasionally attend.[/testimonial] [testimonial client=""]The work of Crossan and Borg in particular have enabled me to move into a much more mature place in terms of my theology. I can’t find words to say how formative and informative their work has been.  Also the work of Jesus Seminar Scholars on Paul and on the Parables have deeply enriched my faith because of my understanding of the historical Jesus, historical Paul, and the context of the early church being set in the Roman Empire.  I have in turn used these books in leading our Adult Ed group at church for several years. This in turn has helped people totally turned off Christianity (in some cases people who were not attending church but coming to Adult Ed for the discussions) re-find their faith and eventually become active in the church. Without the books of Borg and Crossan this would not have happened probably. The JSORs that I have attended have also contributed to this growth for me.[/testimonial] [testimonial client=""]The publications, beginning with The Five Gospels and The Acts of Jesus have stimulated my mind immeasurably.  I have always been open to unconventional/unorthodox ideas, and questioned the conventional/orthodox, and your publications have given me alternatives to the standard stuff.  Your material has filled a great void for me.[/testimonial] [testimonial client=""]Westar has great books, DVDs about issues that are problematic for me, Jesus Seminars, and I have found that the Episcopal Church is OK with me having many QUESTIONS!  You are an essential group for Progressive Christianity![/testimonial] [testimonial client=""]Westar has been the guiding light of the last fifteen years of my quest for understanding.[/testimonial]